You must visit the Zoo in Sibiu

I can’t be lyrical about this account because I think it’s not necessary.

About such a walk I would write strengths and weaknesses kinda like in a SWOT analysis. And because people would want to know why to visit and why not visit this location, but more importantly, because I, before I go to Sibiu, I searched for such an article. I couldn’t find it, but if I’d found it, I’d have preferred a telegraph listing than a lyrical one.


1. Location : The zoo is located outdoors in a forest on the outskirts of Sibiu hosting and the ASTRA Museum (Museum of traditional folk civilization
) still outdoors. I mean walk through the woods, on asphalt alleys (yes, I have a fix with asphalt and utilities) and from place to place, when on the left on the right, you see a pet (in the cage, of course). Cages are much larger than in Bucharest, creating a comfort 1 increased animalutelor.

The forest is arranged around a lake (like Herastraul in Bucharest) very nicely decorated with semi-wild rates and fishes.

2. Price: 3 Lei adult ticket. 2 Lei for children, students and pensioners. They’re the best spent three lions in a long time. It would have been worth 30 lei. I first wondered why the ticket cost so little? The zoo looks good, relatively maintained, but there is always room for better, why not even 5 lei the ticket. Then I thought that this way access is easier for all the people who live in Sibiu and in the surroundings. It’s okay, is it bad?

3. The safety and treatment of animals as an artistic impression: I say as an artistic impression as to how effectively the animals are treated I didn’t see it. I just saw that they were a little apathetic and drowsy, maybe because it was also for them on Saturday. I saw that they had space for movement, Water and food (for example, monkeys had fresh fruits and vegetables and ate from them in a funny way).

In Terms of safety, it impressed me that wild animals were sitting in cages with electrified fences, so that they perish the mood to get too close to you. Access to these cages is based on magnetic card.

4. Ambient : Clean and relatively new banks in all steps, tables with chairs for rest, trellises of flowers in places arranged for relaxation. Signs and billboards for tourists with directions in which you can find different animals. Trash cans. Asphalt. ­čÖé


The zoo in Sibiu is far above the one in Bucharest. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have some points where they demand improvements:

1. On the lake in the middle of the park you could walk with Barcute and pedalos that weren’t exactly us. They were believed from the time of communism and just repainted.

2. The place where you could buy something to drink or crunching was a post decembrist pretty lousy kiosk. There, in his place would have gone a terrace, not necessarily a foodie but so rising.

At the end, I invite you to go visit her, deserve it!

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