We filmed for TVR2 – in Wonderland!

Photo and concept Florin Carrillo

Good morning, Bucharest!, the newspaper that I contribute from time to time with a text, he was invited on the TVR 2 show – in Wonderland, to talk about their passion for Bucharest and the motivation behind many hours of work for this newspaper to see the light Zil Her.

I also participated in the filming that took place to illustrate how editorial meetings are held, how to conduct an interview (the chosen model was Mr. Faizan Cafegiul) and how to distribute the newspaper to Bucureşteni. What came out… it’s a story!

When I heard that we were going to be „on TV” My first question was legitimate and all women would understand this, maybe even some of the men: What amiwearing?! 🙂

Making-of was… special. A strong experience. Filmulețul is very nice but know that the story behind the camera is no less. It’s beautiful in front of the camera. Maybe in another life…

First we filmed at the Have a Cigar café, one of the fixed points of distribution of the newspaper, the editor scene in which we advise and put the country to the track, i.e. we determine the content of the next issue of the newspaper.

Then we headed to Mr. Faizan Cafegiul’s shop to film
The interview with him
. Mr. Fain was glad to see us again and again! He made us a special coffee, as only he knew how to do and stayed at stories with us, while the crew members were doing their job.

I rode my bike! Because when they’re filming, people don’t have time and money to wait for you to make a fuss, I got on that bike without ever getting on a damn thing like that. Mr. Iulian Comanescu was very kind to lend me his bike, all in the name of art. I apologized in advance for any damages. I knew why, I think I anticipated what was coming. Obviously, I fell! This is clearly illustrated in the video below. And me and the bike are whole.

It’s very nice on the bike. It’s hotter than the reels even. The sensation you feel when you get speed, when you feel you really control that thing on two wheels is indescribable. That’s what someone says that can’t stand bicycles, no cyclists, no sport. Or maybe this kind of person was me once and for lack of time I forgot to do a server update. Because I liked the bike a lot, I know a cool cyclist who runs a Very beautiful community of cyclists And with Sport… sport makes me laugh. I should practice it more often.

The filming ended in the center of Bucharest, where the passing newspapers were divided.

It’s beautiful in front of the cameras. Or maybe it was nice because the people at TVR 2 made us feel that way. Artists and they up into the bone. Warm. Beautiful.

The interview and Filmulețul with the BDB team can be followed below:

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