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George Enescu Square-Bucharest Music and Film Festival 2014

These days, my head’s all over the condos. How to Miss Bucharest Music and Film Festival 2014 that takes place between 20-29 June every day in the George Enescu Square. Yesterday I had the inspiration to say present to a indite experience, which I heard sorry about was a one-time-only event. Vunk sang in concert alongside the Royal chamber and Bucharest Jazz Orchestra, both led by conductor George Egle, and sounded divine.

Ok, I so great fun Vunk are not-they singing rock-but their songs that incorporated the classical music had that
je ne sais quois, who makes a man who listens and does not listen to a certain band, a man who will forever admire the idea that the Vunk had to innovate, recognize the value and restore his place to the symphonic music.

The inspiration to combine the sophistication of classical music with more current music, which all children and young people dance, seems to me a brilliant idea to bring into the life of your child (and perhaps in your life) the unparalleled classical areas at first glance unapproachable by The general public, believed, perhaps erroneously, prefers something easier, more digestible.

The Geoarge Enescu Square was full of the same size as the third-age ladies, obviously familiar with the musical genre and the children who impressed me with the attention they had directed towards the stage, hypnotized by the music chords that in that Open perimeter consisting of the royal Palace, Athenaeum and library-all imposing buildings-sounds of perfection.

There’s no way this show is going to stay with a single performance on Sunday. It is our duty, the public to express our desire to hear the songs Vunk on classical chords. It is our duty to honor both contemporary music, young Romanian artists and to keep the classical music close to the soul.

The festival runs every evening starting at 19.30 in the Athenaeum Front square and the entrance is free.

Details of what the festival program and what you can watch, for example today, if you arrive in the market you can find here.

Bucharest Music Film Festival 1
Classical music will always convey more emotions than any other kind of music.
Bucharest Music Film Festival 2
Ornaments of the George Enescu Square

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