London in September

The first time, I was in London in September 2011. One of the reasons I thought extremely seriously to get a lot out there as quickly as possible was that in London I felt better. I felt that I was a better man, that the magnificent city would reveal the best of me, more beautiful and noble.

I want to move to London because that’s where I allow myself to be good! I have someone to be good with, without being taken for a while without being taken for a fool without taking advantage of me. And I’m tired of living in a continuous defense in Bucharest where the „street Fight” is the order of the day even among „friends”.

In London are wonderful and wonderful people of civilisation and nobility. In Bucharest You can no longer live! With that idea I got on the plane that was going to bring me home at the end of my London dream.

I came back to my life suddenly and all of a sudden I forgot Feeria lived among strangers. We have returned to the survival style consecrated in our Tarisoara, namely indifference and cynicism. Still, I have escapes. Escapes of enthusiasm and kindness. of care and attention. No particular purpose. In fact, maybe with the only purpose of feeling like London at my house.

What’s going to happen to you in your life so you can cataloging someone’s goodwill to you as cheap? More importantly, how can you avoid living in a city where the only way to survive is indifferent, not to be you over the years to cataloging someone’s care of you like cheap crap?

I think the answer is to make as many visits to London…

I’ve written about London, Here.

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