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My Secret Garden in Bari

We have found that when the budget of a holiday is being incurred, a lot of people worry about the cost of transport, specifically the plane. It’s a little different for me. Most of the money goes in the direction of the accommodation. that’swhy.

Low-cost flight is not a pleasure, it can really ruin a holiday start, but the truth is it only takes a few hours to go. At the back, it’s hopelessly affecting me to go back to Romania so I don’t even notice other things around me.

For me at least, the hotel is the place that poorly chosen, it influences your mood irreparably throughout your stay. Yes, it’s very true that some people stay in the room for very little time but even in these conditions, that time you use to rest, relax, process all the beautiful things you’ve seen. It’s important not only to be clean and welcoming but also to complement the holiday atmosphere.

I sit in a hotel in the midst of a huge area spanning an entire hill and belonging to the 19th century family of noble Romanazzi Carducci, the family apparently renowned in Italy.

The hotel, built on the property of this family, benefits from a lush park in the midst of which we find the villa of the Romanazzi Carducci family. The hotel was subsequently built in a part of the park so as not to disturb in any way the garden surrounding the house. Entrance to the garden is lined by statues representing small angels who defend the entire realm of any evil.

Entrance to the garden
Passage to the Villa
Family Villa

The Garden is arranged as a maze with numerous alleys and turns, places where you can easily hide from the eyes of the world to read or write.
The fountains are set in small rounds and surrounded by banks, places where probably in the old days, guests of the noble family relaxed and picnics.

Entrance to the Secret Garden
Secret Getaway Stair in the garden
One of the fountains in the left side of the garden

Foișoarele equipped with tables and băncuțe of stone, holes hidden from vegetation, each bearing on to another hidden part of the garden, each with its surprises and mysteries. I can only imagine what thoughts and what turmoil, what dramas and joys the members of this family lived in while walking or hiding in the corners of this garden.

Perfect Place for writing

The property benefits from its own chapel, where family members came to pray and meditate.


That’s how much accommodation can count. It can be a complement to the experience of the place you visit, it can be a story in itself, a reason to inspire.

For those like me, for whom the external factors decisively determine the inner experience, an incursion into the life of the nobility that lived in the 19th century is an unhopeable adventure.

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