The wonders of Brugge

I’ve been reading about the little Belgian town named Brugge and about all its wonders but I tell you that nothing compares with actually being there and be sucked in back in time.

We like to travel as light and comfortable as possible, and this is why we have a card that gives us access to the airport lounge. That way we can enjoy our morning coffee and my favorite magazine.

Nothing compares with a little bit of lounging while waiting for your plane to take you to your next adventure. Try it some time, just for fun, you will become addicted to airport lounges! 🙂

Because I like everything to be as remote and as quiet possible, our accommodation was in a even smaller than Brugge, called Blankenberge. This town is only 10 minutes by train from Brugge, and the ride is very pleasant. You just hop in a train and before you know it, you are in Brugge.

Also Blankenberge was an ideal location for us, being a coastal town! Oh, the Belgian coast is so beautiful!

We found this little and cozy hotel, with incredible prices and accommodation. I recommend it with all my heart!

In the hallway
This is a corner of the room
In the restaurant they had a book with the history of the town

Of course that once we got to Brugge we did indulge in all the touristy activities, like cruising the canals, visiting the museums, especially Historium Brugge, the one with the virtual reality experience, which was mind blowing! They have this VR experience in which you are transported in the Golden Age era in Brugge and you get to experience a little of their lifestyle back then.

But if I were to recommend to you some activities, once you had your fun being a regular tourist, I would start with a visit to the Chocolate Museum, to learn and experience the true taste of the raw cocoa beans. For me it was very educative; I learned the difference between the real deal and all the fake chocolate we see in the supermarkets.

Also I have been experimenting the hot cocoa drink with cayenne pepper and I was blown away by the taste! It’s not like anything you could imagine. Even if you drink only raw cocoa without the sugar and all the junk, it’s not bitter at all, it’s amazing! And the cayenne pepper gives you such energy!

Even today I take my daily coffee with cayenne pepper on top. Such a feeling to go and see a place, learn about the culture, and bring back to your regular life, healthy food and good habits! This is what is all about, experimenting.

I recommend you to go and take a break at the Choco Jungle Bar, it’s the best chocolate in town. I had this, but there are many other options:

Needless to say that the whole time I stayed in Belgium my food consisted only in chocolate waffles and Belgian fries. You just cannot stop eating! But you know me, I am a foodie.

Another place you shouldn’t miss is the Beguinage area. Maybe you think by looking at the picture below that we are somewhere in the country, but you are in the middle of Brugge and yet it is so quiet and peaceful.

In the evening be sure to attend the Harp concert by Luc Vanlaere, an amazing artist who can make you see the true meaning of life trough his art and music . Really, if you would have to choose only one thing to do in Brugge, go to see this artist, is a revelation!

We have seen it twice in a day. There are no reservation, make sure to arrive in time. The concert is free but a small donation is encouraged to support this wonderful person.

Before you go and plan your next trip to Brugge see the other stories here on my blog about the Belgian seaside and the little coastal towns and people who live there.

Don’t forget: the more you travel, the richer you are! 

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