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Since the early hours of the Romanian online morning disails are rushing to reach the biggest event for women, which has happened, I don’t think it just happened on a Friday. What better way to start the extended weekend of Pentecost than attending a glamourous event like
Digital Divas

I’m slaloming through the machines on the land, and I hope to reach 8.45 am, the dead-line fixed by the organizers for registration on the list of participants. The thought of me being late is stressing me out so much that I’m checking the destination with two GPS, to make sure I hit her first.

I arrive on time and the first thing that plucks a smile of admiration is the location of the event, perfect for the sails that will spend the longest day of the year. Biavati Terrace & Lounge turns for a day in the headquarters of News from the online fashion field.

Blogerițeles make acquaintances although many of them already know each other. It’s a world where socialization, networking is vital. I, instead of the social pill, prefer to look at the materials made available by the organizers. It has attracted my attention to the Avoncampaign that gives you like, which I thought was recently launched, but I find out from the presentations that there are still from 2012. Basic, This campaign aims to give like to all confident and independent women, whose philosophy of life identifies the Avon message. You have to admit that it’s not here that a brand will give you like, the idea is flattering. We don’t have much of a lot of cool ideas and especially with the outlet to the public nowadays, and this catches. He caught me, not too much of a haircut after orișice advertising or campaigning for female products (unlessevidently involving a fluffy cat, but this is not the case). The idea of a brand to give you like it’s catchy.

Applause for people not for brands

The master of ceremonies, or as he was dubbed the div of the day, M. M. Opens the event that he calls a lifestyle. But not only, I’ll add. The event gains the admiration of all through the message it transmits through all the pores: people before brands.

This event did not only address the business part of fashion or just the problem with practical advice on how to grow online. He did something much nicer and useful: He invited people who spoke from the depths of the soul without the intention of selling anything. Not even themselves.

Although the event came to bloggers and people interested in the practical part of online, the applause at the open stage was for people who had nothing to do with the subject. Outsiders, as alone were called. People with experience in life, who sent a warm message that touched our soul.

Oana Pellea – An outsider puts the point on… Like

The applause continued for minutes when Oana Pellea, our beloved theatre and film actress, spoke to us about the responsibility of getting involved in the community where you live.

A presence that imposes you from the first second Pioșenie, reflection and humility. You suddenly realize that you don’t know them all, that you don’t have the absolute truth. That there are a lot of things that you could get involved in and you had to get involved and the apology you didn’t do and that you’re calling in front of the mirror are simply emptied of the content. You’re proposing that anger be better, more gentle. So she.

Although an outsider, he has an account on FaceBook, which he calls, from his own experience, a very powerful tool with which we can change the world. That’s what she did when she got involved in the sad story of the horses at Letea or she took a stand in that of the victims of the earthquake in Japan. She also had failures–so she calls them–on FB. People have not always resonated with the alarm signals drawn by it in online, which saddened her, but didn’t make her give up. For communication is its purpose, and as long as it makes even a minimum difference, it will keep its optimism.

Every sentence spoken by this great artist, this beautiful man can be the title of a book. Retain a few of them:

There is no success or excellence beyond passion.

When you don’t know yourself you have no right to judge the one in front of you.

There is a responsibility to what we throw into online.

Like-Uri are. What comes after likes is missing.

Andreea Esca-Beyond the public image

Another person who made an authentic speech with whom he managed to snatch me a few tears was Andreea Esca. Beyond the fashionable character, the stage image, I discover the man, I discover the woman. Can I say, so, without any connection to the subject, that it’s more beautiful than on TV?

He speaks to us relaxed, frankly, from man to man. That impresses and captures the attention alike. She’s talking about the blogs she reads and about what makes her come back to them (though she honestly admits that she is and will remain a man of the Prince) and the magazine she runs. Explains. Impresses. Motivates.

As he speaks to us, the image of the public person disappears, and with it, it slowly disappears and prejudices, which make way for an honest admiration, directed at the man who is Andreea Esca.

about other Intesante characters from the event I’m telling you briefly. Each of these people had a personal approach to how to make success in online and in life. I rețiunt from every one phrase or two that resonated best with my way of being:

Cornel de la Vunk said very nicely:

The blog is for expression not for affirmation.

Words are weapons and shields.

Viki Nicola from made a nice plea for originality and taught us that even in life and in online:

It’s not important to be first, you have to be different.

It’s OK to slow, the important thing is not to stop.

Ana Maina pointed out when a fashion conference said:

It’s more important to trust us than to have the last fashion dress.


The day ended with a prize gala of the best female blogs in online and a Vunk concert.

Evensys managed to show that the Digital has a soul and the people who form it are beautiful, very beautiful.

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