The show organized on National Culture Day

Romanian Athenaeum Orchestra

I extend my hand from inertia to the remote control and press the button. The TV starts to running at its usual pace. 10 seconds is enough to make me feel overrun by a background noise, another familiar and pleasant date. Without too much thinking, with a sudden movement I stop him. I still want to keep a little bit of this hovering, quiet, peace.

Today was a busy day, a day of those, with a lot of stress and running. But this thing remained like a lifetime ago. All I’m hearing now is the melodic sound of the cello and the rapes singing Rhapsody Romanian in La Major, by George Enescu.

I have remained in my mind the faces of those who sang in front of us, serene, quiet faces, passionate faces of music, immersed in a world that we mortals can barely see and realise. Soloists as Elena Moșuc and Şerban Vasile stood up the hall and impressed us to tears.

John Carl
John Carl
Moșuc s
Soloist Boys-500
Vlad Stănculeasa, Ştefan Cossack and Şerban Vasile

The press had the most comfortable seats in the room. The first two rows were reserved for us. I had the opportunity to sit right in the front row, face to face with the conductor and The Sopranos, to see their face expression, straining or instead the joy of barely sketched but visible when, at the end of the recital, the hall burst in the ropote of applause, and in the background Heard enthusiastic voices: Bravo, Bravo…

Romanian Athenaeum Scene
Before the show

I, in the first place, applauded frantically and smiling wide, in case some of the artists looked at me. I wanted to make sure that I was giving them back the joy they gave me, moments before. I didn’t want him to worry that we didn’t like the performance.

For artists the applause and appreciation of the public are the greatest rewards possible. They live in and for the joy it creates in the souls of the audience. At least that’s what I was told when I was a little girl, and since then, I was afraid of disappointing an artist who accidentally fell on me while thanksing the audience, I was frantically applauding until the end of the show, until the last man on stage gets lost Behind the curtain, no matter how much my palms sting.

Cioran said that music is fluid time…

This event was an opportunity for affirmation and reaffirmation for many young artists. my favorite was by far Ştefan Cossack, who executed a superb recital of the peasant Dance for cello and orchestra by Constantin Dumitrescu. Below, you can listen to one of his performances from 2011 at the Enescu Festival. It’s not the best recording but you can get a clear idea of why it should be in your program. Include the performances from the Romanian Athenaeum.

Read somewhere the fact that nowadays, playing on the Romanian Athenaeum Stage equates to performing on the stage of the Milan scale. This does not put him in question under the truthfulness of the assertion. I take it for good, especially after hearing it tonight, especially after I found out with my own senses how two hours of music can make you another man, a better man.

Do you know how much a ticket to the Romanian Athenaeum in category I costs for a two-hour show to put you in this floating state? 55 RON per person. Do you know how much a category I ticket costs to the Milan scale? 80 Euros per person. And the price does not in any case reflect the value of the representation, certainly reflects the availability, respect and interest in the culture of those who pay, comparable to us, 5 times the price for comparable performances and experiences.

Opera Costume exhibition

The Ministry of Culture excelled in organizing this event, which, although held with closed gates and access was made on an invitation basis, takes the name of Romania to unsuspecting heights. All those present had the opportunity to admire the exhibition of opera costumes worn by the great singers of opera of Romanian origin over time. The costume show has given me the opportunity to look close, in the smallest detail, those stylistic elements that seduce us ever since they appear on stage.

Costumes Opera-500
Opera Costumes
Costumes Athenaeum-500
Opera Costumes
Opera Costumes
Costume Opera-500
Opera Costumes

Exhibition with rare objects Enescu

Another exhibition held in the lobby of the Romanian Athenaeum was the one with rare objects of the Enescian heritage. The exhibits include a Enescian handwritten manuscript with the Laitmotivele of the Oedipus Opera noted by the composer, the violin bestowed by Queen Elizabeth Young George Enescu and a photograph of the Queen’s autograph in which she appears alongside George Enescu.

George Enescu has been dreaming since the age of twenty-five to compose music for the theater. Refused many mediocre libres and had not found a suitable subject until one evening at the French comedy, when he saw „Oedipus King”. Fascinated, he then decided to compose an opera with the subject of Sophocles’s tragedy. All of them are confessed in his memories, reproduced by musicologist and journalist Bernard Gavoty.

Exhibited objects are not owned by the Romanian state, but were exhibited at the Romanian Athenaeum by the goodwill of Mr. Filip Cabana, from whose family collection they belong.

John Edafe
Rare Enescu Objects

Painting exhibition with works signed by Romanian painters

It impressed me and the selection of exhibited paintings, the opera whose common denominator is music. All works visually reflect the sensitivity of music and the musician’s excitement in the full act of creation. These works, signed by painters such as Alexandru Ciucurencu, Sorin Ilfoveanu, Aurel Candia, Gheorghe Tahlan and Constantin Piliuță, are part of the collection of the National Art Museum of Romania.

You see, through this cultural manifestation the Ministry of Culture has managed to present the present public Numerosului, composed of ambassadors, members of the diplomatic corps and other such representatives, a piece of our true value as a people, as Romanian. Walking through the Athenaeum lobby, after the representation, where a small reception was held to celebrate the moment with champagne and appetizers, I carefully followed the reactions of foreigners who participated, face facials and even glimpses of conversation. Absolutely everyone was amazed at the talent and performance of these Romanian artists and delighted with the exhibits that can compete with absolutely any such exhibitions in the world. These people left with a very good impression of culture and artists in Romania.

So I can only conclude that any kind of artistic manifestation, destined or not to the general public, can only make Romania a great service by keeping the Romanian cultural values alive.

Felicia Filip Athenaeum-500
Felicia Filip at National Culture Day 2014
At Athenaeum-500
After the show, in the lobby of the Romanian Athenaeum
Crowd at Athenaeum-500
After the show

A cultural gift

The Ministry of Culture has held a cultural gift to all participants, a gift to take home and can carry it with them and other lands, showing others a bit of the beauty of Romanian culture. So I got what you can see below:

Gift Ministry of Culture-
Wrapped in parchment paper, two national treasures stand
Eminescu and Maria T
The star poetry in 5 languages and the life of Maria Tănase accompanied by a CD of her most acclaimed songs

I’m certainly going to remember and over the years of this day browsing these cărticele.

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