Let me tell you a secret about traveling. About life, actually.

Written by Luiza Daneliuc

HowIn large part it is true, having both the financial possibility and the time and health required to travel is truly a great gift, the kind of three-in-one miricles you don’t get much often in life.

But on the other hand… Alas, what a disappointment for those who travel to different corners of the world based soley on the Instagram pictures ! The world changing, in such a swift and radical way, that it can happen that what you read about a certain place at the beginning of the year and by the end is no longer true. Everything changes, from the legal conditions of residence, to the cost of life.

But even if things didn’t change. It happened to me many times to take pictures more beautiful than the reality, to me, to an amateur, who barely learned how to change three options to a photo camera. Just imagine what people pay specifically to sell destinations can do! I have the impression that through excessive processing, by compelling to photograph only certain angles, by promoting a piece of photo as the exact embodiment of a location as a whole, not only is the reality modified, but it is also lying to the people.

It’s happened to me many times to see pictures of places I’ve visited, pictures of the streets I’ve been walking around and exclaim very upsait: This place doesn’t look like this, I have been there and that is not the reality! But how long did I have to travel to understand this? Too much.

And if we are talking about people who’s dreams, hopes and life plans are based on these fake photos, the drama deepens.

This also applies in life. We ignore the big picture for an ideal photo piece, which we saw with the tail of the eye in another’s garden and we have the wrong impression that it has an ideal life, which we are bypassing for various reasons. And we run after that crop photo, months, years, before we decipher the fact that it was cropped from a whole that, often is much uglier, more gray, more insipid, odorless and colourless than the life we actually live. That’s the irony of fate. That’s the drama of mankind. Knoledge comes to the age at which the body is no longer helping you put it into practice.

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