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How does it feel to be a student in Cardiff at 50 years old

I have written on the blog so many times, I think I bored you to death, about how my biggest desire is to leave Romania. Until a couple of years ago I didn’t have a specific target, I hadn’t seen much of this vast world. One day I arrived in the UK and since then I’m not saying I want to go to the world but I want to go to the UK. I recently visited Dublin, which in my „wisdom” I consider to be a cheaper London kind of a place.

But this post is not about me, but about a friend/client who, much braver than me, at the age of 50, left in Romania a social position and a financial situation outstanding, to be a student and experience life „from scratch” in Cardiff UK.

The story you can follow on Her personal blog, where record about the happenings of someone who has made Communist school and how it is used to „their” system, about how it rains non-stop but still there are Balti and other unprecedented details about „outside” life.

I generally read everything I catch about the experiences of those who leave everything and start from scratch in other countries. The more I read about the experiences of the close ones that go through such a change. I remain in my opinion, that no matter how much you read about the lives of others you will never anticipate what your life would be like if you did the exact same steps. You can read, inform, plan and dream all you want, you can have the illusion of a road thought ahead, I can bet anyone that the actual road will be completely different from any previous fantasy. As it must be such an adventure! 🙂

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