Street Food in Dublin

One of the cool things in Dublin are organized ad hoc food markets. You usually run into them in downtown-the area known as Temple Bar-but also in every district (neighborhoods to call them that). We stayed in Ballsbridge, a very nice residential area somewhere in the south of the city. Not very far from the center, we were going around seven bus stops up on Connel Street, Ballsbridge is a self-contained area that benefits from its own „center” -a conglomerate of supermarkets, pubs and crowded shops on a Alley. And there you’ll find a regular food market organized on weekends.

We visited and posed the one in the center of the city, which I accidentally stumbled upon, sadly immediately after eatening elsewhere, so I can’t think of the taste of the dishes. But to show, it looks in a big way!

Food Dublin 6
Rain, hail or shine

As the advertisement says, this pop-up market food is organized „Every Saturday, rain, hail or shine”.

Food Dublin 5

I can’t tell if the prices are low, acceptable or exaggerated. But from any other food, that was cheap.

Food Dublin 9
Lots of meat in the box

More prices. Depending on how hungry you Were-peckish, hungry, famished or savage-it was settled and the size and price of’s easy with goodies.

Food Dublin 7


Food Dublin 8

The potatoes smelled divine! I’m sorry that the camera can’t capture and smell.

Food Dublin 3

Cheese-specific odor:)

Food Dublin 1Home made bread is bought in the Devils. I don’t know what’s up with these people and the bread. We don’t eat that much bread.

Food Dublin 2

This drink was a kind of cinnamon and Christmas flavored cider.

Food Dublin 4



I had the fever and the mania of expensive restaurants, where you don’t even pay the food, but the „experience”. I do not deny that „culinary experience” is there, that it is special and that precisely the prices of the Peppers keep it special, making access to it limited and so… special.

And I think the choice of work that suits you better can only be done in knowledge of the cause and not the stories. You have to try both ways to understand yourself if it defines you more to bake cupcakes in the comfort of your own cottage than to frequent fancy brunches. Both have to be tested and the people who pronounce themselves from the heard, they don’t convince me.

But now I’m in a phase where I like to return to simplicity, from where and my recent fascination with street food. Before I go to Dublin I began the fever of bread in the house, because I find it incredible how cheap and simple it is. I dream about the days when I’ll be experimenting from morning to night in the kitchen, nestingherita of worries and phones, just for the evening to present on the table a little platouas with my attempt to reinvent myself, at least in the kitchen.

Between now and what will be, remains an indefinite time, which can be won if it is filled, at least partially, with things that represent you.

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