Playground Artist, a new concept launched in Romania

I was on Tuesday night at the launch of the Playground Artist concept in Romania, an exhibition of contemporary art, present in Pullman hotels around the world.

until 20 December 2016, the hotel is hosting in the lobby area and in the bar L ‘ Arpege the works of the two contemporary Romanian artists, photographer Catalina Prida and painter Sorin Dumitrescu Mihaiesti. You have the opportunity so to see this exhibition of contemporary art and to support your interest, Romanian artists.

Someone said last night that these artists dedicate long periods of their lives, a year for example, for the public to have an hourly sensory experience. This reality reminded me of the fact that we should visit museums, theatres and support, whenever we have the opportunity, the Artistic Act.

The painter Sorin Dumitrescu Mihaiesti, gave a short and comprehensive speech, but the words of the dance remained in my mind, as a universal truth. He was telling us that his painting She doesn’t need to be supported by a story. The story does it each while looking at the painting, depending on the unique experience it has at the time.

Below Regastiti a few pictures of the exhibited paintings, which I invite you to see and in person, the experience is really special.

One of the pictures displayed in the Artist Playground

The picture above, belonging to the lily Prida, photographer artist from Cluj, together with a painting painted by painter Sorin Dumitrescu Mihaiesti, was offered to the public in a raffle organized during the launch of the exhibition. I confess I had my eye on that picture, and I saw it hanging in my library on one of the walls. Unfortunately, another lucky man won it and will enjoy it in the tranquility of his own home.

Paintings painted by Sorin Dumitrescu Mihăeşti


The exhibition is organized in partnership with the Goldart auction house.

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