Painting opening – A vision of colors

Lately it is full of Bucharest’s high-quality cultural events. Do miracles happen, or do I give a special interest to this, and I notice the obvious as a change, when in fact the situation has always been like this? I can’t be sure.

The fact is that Thursday, September 18, 2014, at 18.00, at the BMR Gallery in the Str. 10 The exhibition will take place
a vision of colors
, the first exhibition of painting in Romania’s native Pictoriței Andrei Galvan. The opening will be presented by art critic Marius tadalafil.

AFIs 18 Sept_2

Who’s Abi Galvan?

For most people it seems natural to assert yourself in your native space, and then move on to the international level. Painter Abi Galvan does not conform to this route. After 4 personal exhibitions on the American continent-in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia-the artist also exhibits on the walls of Romania. Alex Galvan was born in Suceava on 20 August 1973, and lives for over 15 years in the United States of America. Currently, Andrei Galvan is an art professor at a school in Washington DC.

Opening vs. visiting the exhibition on another day

The exhibition will be opened until October 17, 2014 But my opinion is that the presence at the opening is obligatory for those who want to listen to the words and explanations of the art critic, who guides the viewer, explains the significance of the images beyond The first obvious color cough.

The entrance is free.

In the Wind
In the Wind

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