On Book Day

I celebrate the Book Day, because the moment inspired me.

Well, if it’s her birthday, I’d say she should be supported again for that reason, instead of running away to flock me in the old center to get a free book from the ones that were given
for free – that’s how some people get to honor something–I have the honest book buying it. And the day of the book rewarded me with a beautiful surprise and on her birthday she made my third novel by Kate Morton, Las horas distances, translated into Romanian. Alas, since I’ve been looking for him and I’m so glad I found him on such a special day!

Now, don’t you understand that I would have something against the event held in the Old Book Day Center, even initially I thought it was a good idea. So good that I went to assist. But you had to be there to understand that in much-known Romanian style, good ideas are lost in bad executions, and the day of the book has not earned its most deserved holiday. But it’s okay, it’s next year.


Because scrimmage It’s just not my style, I proceeded to a terrace overlooking the event. In fact, to the crowd, that the event consisted of some books lying on the ground. I ordered a cake of berries, not too sweet or too sour, to go well with the festivities. and to see how true that saying is with not bringing the watch year, it happened that I witnessed something much more interesting than the holidayof the book.

On my right, at the neighboring terrace, I notice another bustle of people, lots of lights and crews. A fine gentleman, so with the beard as I like them, a kind of bohemian artist homeless shouts from all lungs: attention is being filmed! Attention the figure! Action!

and 30-second price is filmed a scene where 3 people drink in turn from some colored bottles of alcohol. A beer commercial, I guess. The 30 Seconds of filming – boring. What happens behind the cameras is really fascinating. An army of people around 3 colored sticluțe, which after each double draw were erased, arranged, bibiliteed and suited to give perfect in the frame.

At the end, they applauded each other, enthusiastically but discreetly and scattered which way, not before they each shot a dușcă of that drink I never got to see what it said.

Look, mister, how much you miss out when you’re locked up from 9 to 6 in a glass skyscraper.

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