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Part of the Romanian Design Week, the Noblesse Palace hosted the Fusion Arts exhibition in which the space was opened to the public for sightseeing.

The building, Historic monument has been fully restored. The palace is spread over 3 levels, basement, ground floor and floor. I longed to visit this building built in eclectic style, with over 40 rooms dedicated entirely to art. Many interesting details about the history of the house, the story of the restoration and the role of the House in the lives of many artists, as you can learn from their official page. And today the House dedicates itself to the community of artists (product designers, fashion, painters, photographers, artisans) who want to inspire and influence through their works and organize events and exhibitions in this sense to make them known creation.

Superb Piano and D├ęcor! ­čÖé




The room on the right, with the glass, is the accounting office! The front door gives a big, spectacular garden. And very quiet, withdrawn from the street.

I was impressed by the basement space, where the offices of architects and administrative staff, including accounting. You can see the accounting office in the picture above. This hallway gives a beautiful garden behind the house, away from the noise of the street, where you can relax and has a miraculous effect on visitors: it makes them not wanting to leave that place of the story.

Noblesse Garden
Noblesse Garden

The Fusion Arts event ended with the extraordinary performance of Master Yoichi Tajiri who held a piano recital to delight the public, especially came to listen to him.

Thank you Noblesse Academy for the special events you realize, events open to the public interested in both architecture, art and beautiful. If you want to track their activity, you can find out more information about them and the events they organize on their Facebook page.

Yoichi Tajiri

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