Chasing an idyllic image – Nice

Oh, how I wanted to get to the south of France! The idyllic image of a sea-front cottage could not be located until there. And this year in April, my wish has been fulfilled.

Like the whole tourist, before I left for the south of France, I made a plan. I proposed not to be very touristic, but the need for comfort made me choose safevariants. We set the headquarters in Nice, as most of them do. We chose a well-known, comfortable hotel, especially as we stayed a considerable period of 11 days. We made our schedule so that we could visit every village between Nice and Monaco in Italy and so on the opposite side to St. Tropez. And so I did. Article about the beaten path of the Côte d’azur and the impressions of a tourist who went to prospecting the prospect of a relocation there.

France was the first country I visited, somewhere in my childhood. Then I was in the north, and being my first exit from Romania, as a child, in the years immediately after the revolution, I was left with a romanticized idea about this country. Later I visited Paris, which I thought was a dream, a city seen in the perspective of a very young tourist, who was there to see some sights and so on.

Much later, a very mature being disguised as a tourist, made official plans to visit the Côte d’azur and unofficial plans to prospect the idea of a move/relocation there. These are the conclusions.

Nice, Monaco, St. Tropez, the big cities and the full of immigrants not impressed me in a pleasant way. Nice is very agomerata even in the extra season, with public transportation you can even make 2 hours from one end of the resort, and we risked losing our plane because of traffic. This is what happens in the beginning of April. I don’t even want to imagine what it’s like in the season! The beaches were already full of locals at 15 degrees. With hordes of tourists in the season must be stifling and downright impossible to find a corner for you! For someone who wants above all quiet, space, imitation, the Cote d’azur cannot be a recommendation.

Nice port
Nice-in port


Nice block
Block in Nice

It’s hard to see any city I go through in the eyes of a tourist. Maybe that’s why I can’t even enjoy it just as a tourist. I see it through the eyes of a person who would move there tomorrow and this has the great disadvantage of making you pay more attention to the negative parts, the practical parts, like the price of detergent in the supermarket or the cost of a heba, instead of watching the scenery E. When you’re a tourist, you don’t care who the people you get on the bus with. You don’t care what the streets look like at night, who populates them, because at that hour you’re in a club or if you’re submitted age for over 30 years (like me) you’re already on top of the bed I from the cosy four-star hotel, where nothing bad can happen to you. On the contrary, you abuse room service, that you’re just on vacation!

I wanted to see the real part of life in Nice, beyond the sights. In the picture above you see a block of housing, in a residential area, quiet. This is the beautiful girl of Nice, washed and elegant girl. The other one I didn’t photograph, I said there’s no sense in keeping such memories over the years. But I saw her, she’s there. I do not know which face of the city prevails, I stayed too little time to be able to draw a correct conclusion.

In the category „Life of the locals”-we got in the middle of a strike, people geting in the street to protest the new Labor Code. I liked their demonstration, which in Nice took place peacefully, people sang and danced. In Paris, unfortunately, there were real street fights, which we watched on the news from the top of the fluffy bed of the hotel.

Strike France Labor Code 2016

Panorama City Nice
Nice city Panorama

Tourist speaking, the color of water and landscapes are more than enough reason to visit this part of the world. Even one day cloudy, like the one in the image of the city, can make you take your world in your head and leave your home or seriously consider the perspective of a sabbatical year. If you’re a seafood fan, you hit it! I’m not even that. But I was satisfied with the rate, which I had the chance to taste perfectly cooked! 🙂

The beach is magnificent! 🙂

Nissa Beach
Glimpse of the beach in Nice
Orthodox Cathedral
Nice Orthodox Cathedral

Nice is beautiful for tourism but it’s not suitable for what I’m looking for. So, to find a bit of tranquility and space we headed towards the small towns that hordes of tourists haven’t overrun yet. Of all, San Jean Cap Ferrat remained in my heart as the way in which Paradise must show. The perfect place near the sea, the perfect combination of nature and urban comfort. If there is, the idyllic box is sure to be found in this town.

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