Anybody knew about this thing? I mean, yes, we knew that if we surpassed the borders of Romania, we had a great chance to come across wonderful things that happen in any field we choose to activate, including literature. and suspected that it must have crossed someone’s mind to make a community at the national and even global level of aspiring writers, because people who write, have a rich imagination, strange ideas and behavior different from „normal” people so they will look for There are always other similar people who can understand them and share their passion.

National Novel Writing Month

That’s how I found out about NANOWRIMO, the acronym for National Novel Writing Month, which runs from 1 to 30 November, simultaneously across the globe. Basically it’s a challenge to write a novel of 50,000 words in 30 days. That means 1,667 words a day (they took out a nice song about it, you can Google it). The text must not be nearly perfect, it just has to be the first draft that after the end of November you can edit, rewrite, beautify or simply throw in the basket. The point is there are a lot of people who are thinking about writing books and postponing this to Maine, or for retirement or for when they have time. Personally, I think this is a big mistake, and also a big, big lie that we tell ourselves so that we don’t get to do this thing right today. But, although aware of this, it still makes me hard to write at least a few lines a week, which is about 1667 words a day.

Why would you do that?

The purpose of this challenge is to give the author a reason, a push to start writing, set you a target (50,000 words) and an environment (an entire international community) to support you and help you to see at least the first draft of your writing novel. Like anyone (publisher, literary agent, friends, even you) can give you a feed-back or a proofreading on something you wrote, you must first have a draft, any draft, placed on paper. By the way, that target of 1,667 words a day is a difficult target to obtain but not impossible and is set especially for those who have a job and do not live in writing. I mean, you can’t even use that excuse. Enter online and you will know thousands, hundreds of thousands of people who starting November 1 will write a novel of at least 50,000 words while day by day, so do you, they go to the job, or have families and children, or any other thing to do.

The fact that in November, all aspiring writers from all over the world, are proposing to write 50,000 words, create a positive energy that you can use when needed. It can greatly help the idea that you are not alone (a) at the computer trying to write a few lines that make sense and you do not succeed. Hundreds of thousands of people will do that at the same time as you and feel the same way at the same time as you. If you lose your enthusiasm or patience (I hear that usually happens in about the second week) you can talk online with people who cheer you up, both participants and veterans of this attempt.

You also find tips on the net, both about past and 2012 editions.

It’s not a contest, it’s a challenge. If you want to participate, all you have to do is sign up here .

Because a picture (in this case a video) does more than 1000 words you can watch Here The description of this challenge, which sounds much better in English, I do not know exactly why.

Also, if you are wondering who is the representative of our country in this challenge, i.e. those who are in charge of organizing, motivating and giving information to Romanian writers who want to participate in the event, find them on FB seeking Nanowrimo Romania.

Why am I doing this

Because I’m in the situation where I know exactly what I want to write, I know the characters, the environment, I know everything, except for absolutely no plausible reason I can’t budge to write more than one paragraph a week, I’m going to be participating this year at NanoWriMo 2012 to try to Discipline and dial the rhythm of writing. And obviously, I propose to win. Not being a contest, anyone who writes 50,000 words in 30 days is declared the winner. Although it may not sound great, it will do wonders for my morale. And maybe this will not be the book that will make me a successful author, but I will certainly remember this experience as an extremely useful one.

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