Myths about All Inclusive Resorts

-You have nothing to do there for more than 5-7 days, you get tired of lying on the edge of the pool

  • Get fat at least five pounds in five days. Mandatory.
  • -It’s not worth paying so much money just to Indopi and lie in the sun, think about how many city breaks you could make with that money

That’s pretty much the myths. Repeated over and over again on all possible and impossible media channels. Inoculated a little bit, bit, bit and eventually awarded. What about personal experience?

Each with his own experience, as of – everything is relative in this life – so read this article with a great „In my personal oppinion” In front of him.

Myth – About boredom

I stayed 7 days and really if I lying a second. You can do seven weeks there, not just seven days. There are so many activities that you cannot accommodate in one stay – performances in the amphitheater, specific activities in every Joel and lounge of the resort, activities on the beach, activities at the pool, activities in the rest of the resort, activities at the spa ETC.

We tried to experiment as much as possible so that time of lying was not.

Myth – About fattening

That food doesn’t fatten. I’m putting some magic dust of stars in it. It really weakens you. Or it’s from the rest of the activities. The fact is that eat 5 times more like home, healthier and more varied. I’ve gained three pounds in seven days. It certainly wasn’t from the food but from the Zacutul by the pool, those five minutes as I was pulling my soul to run into another organized activity. Like swimming pools we have at home.

The absolute myth – it’s all worth the price?

Of course! You bet it does!

PS: This article is a laim excuse for the article „really” that I was going to write about Turkey and life at the all-inclusive resort. Well… it’s not going to happen… but I couldn’t let Turkey pass so near the blog without leaving its mark. Even a laim.

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