Me at Casa Costa-Foru

I’ve recently moved to the new house, from which I don’t want to go out, not even on Saturdays or Sundays for a walk. However, the event of the Beyond the facades It sounded so unfortunate that I had left my own cottage briefly and visited the one in their project and also attended the first literary evening organized at Casa Costa-Foru.

Old houses that hide long forgotten tales and fabulous destinies, are still able to lure me out of my universe built almost like a closed circle, waking up my desire to look into the past.

The evening of reading, in the company of Mrs. Mahdy Vlada, one of the cultural events organized at Casa Costa-Foru, was a dream. He read an excerpt from the Costa-Foru house in his most controversial and award-winning novel, „The Life of Kostas Venetis”, appeared in 2011 at the Romanian book and in 2013 at the Polirom publishing house, in the collection „Top 10 + with so much fervor and the form of dance to interpret the text Convinced on the spot to buy the book, I really need to find out what’s going on with Kostas’s life, especially since some of these adventures happened right on Metropolitan Hill, near the house I was in.

Whenever I see it from now on this book in the library will remind me of the Costa-Foru house and that night of reading. I say it’s a good way to discover books, people and characters.


I didn’t take a lot of pictures, just being bewitcheded by the atmosphere. When you pass the threshold of such a house, caught at the moment. I’ve noticed that lately I’m not taking as many pictures as I’d like to because doing this is what I lose from the solemnity and joy of the moment. I Prefer to live the present without the obsession of capturing it for posterity.

Casa Costa Foru

The project beyond the facades, which opened for a month house Costa Foru, rendering it to the community even for a short time is one to follow. While our anthropologist guide tells us about the history of the house and those who have lived it and about their project that „rendered the house of the community” I sit and wonder: what does it mean to play the community? What is this community and where is she, now that the house has been redated? Why isn’t he here to applaud the initiative of these people?

More information about the project and gorgeous pictures with the house you can find on
their FB page

I invite you to visit these houses and the team of volunteers who put it back on the map of Bucharest.

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