Paeilla Marbella

Marbella – after 2 years

Marbella Paseo Maritimo

On February 13th, 2013 I visited Marbella. Also that day I celebrated two years of relationship and then I fulfilled a dream.

Not because we wanted to do something special we chose February 13 to visit Marbella. It was also quite special that we were on vacation by the sea. Initially I did not planned to visit anything but to look at the sea, to sniff it, to întipăresc the retina and into my soul, to keep me warm until next time.

But I could be afraid. The fact that I don’t know what the future holds, that I may never get through those parts of the world again, and I would never have forgiven myself for being this close to the famous resort and not visiting it. The 13th of February happened to be the day I reached this resolution and now, if I think about it, it could not happen in any way otherwise.

After the delicious breakfast of the hotel (two dream things he had and this hotel: sea view and food) we started engineering (read with local transport) to Marbella. About two hours it took a road done in this manner towards about twenty minutes on the motorway as it would have taken the road to a rental car. But I didn’t complain at all, I had a chance to feel the pulse of every place we stopped by the coach before we got to the destination. And where do you count the fact that the highway follows the cliff line across the length of 50 miles and the scenery is incredible!

The coach left us right in the center of the resort. It was a strong sunny day and the sea seemed more beautiful and blue than ever. I have to admit that I expected Marbella to be beautiful but at the same time inaccessible, snobbish and cold. Instead, we found a resort that fits perfectly on the southern coast of Spain without making a very discordant note than perhaps by the fact that it is louder and in renovation.

I found this monument erected in honor of the freedom of the press and I thought it should appear on the blog.

Monument Marbella

On the beach, this elephant who in hot days is used as a shower, reminded me of how close we are to Africa. When I saw him, that’s what I figured he was looking at the house with homesickness. If you looked carefully at the distance, Africa could not see it yet but Gibraltar is a very consolation sight. Actually because of the Gibraltar we thought it wouldn’t be a bad idea to come back to take a ride up to Gibraltar.

Marbella Elephant

As I went carelessly walking on this perfect cliff (from the picture below) I saw it: that perfect place that I imagined a few times in my head but I didn’t think it really existed. A small tavern located right on the beach, with meals placed right on the sand. Less than 10 feet from the sea. I’ve always wanted to dine in a local restaurant, whatever it is, to have meals placed directly on the beach, right by the water. The food was delicious, even cheaper and views… just as I dreamed it. A beautiful gift, with a special occasion.

Paeilla MarbellaMarbella

Our journey to the south coast of Spain remained in my heart as one of the quietest periods of my life. Which has made me look forward and hopeful the following planned adventures (or not) for this year.


Now, I look out the window on some gray blocks (I showed them to you on a different occasion here) but I can’t see them anymore, I’ve put the image of the blue sea on the retina, the foam of the ripples that break ashore and the salty smell. that may be a form of escape.

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