Magistracy Course – free

Magistracy-500The idea seemed very interesting to me. Below, the details for those who want to participate.

You can find out how the training course is organized for admission to organized Magistracy, who are the lecturers and what are the working methods.

The course will take place on February 28, 2014, starting at 9.00, at EBT headquarters in Str. Lt. Stefan Marinescu, No. 9, sect. 6, Bucharest. You can sign up here.

Benefits (as shown in their offer)
-Obtaining valuable information on an efficient training under maximum competition conditions;
-Skill of personal organizational skills so that the candidate can cover the entire matter required for the competition;
-Skills to read, interpret and solve grids;
-Skills to support an interview in front of the competition Committee;
-Skills to resolve the exercises and grids from the logical reasoning sample.

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