How do you prepare for success?

SuccessfulWe are so concerned about running after success, we forget to ask what we will do when we get it. Success is not easy to handle, and the hardest thing is to keeping your positions. Anyone can have a lucky breakthrough . But how do you turn that moment into something lasting?

When I was little, both from the age point of view, and professionally (and we mean here in the years 1995-2000 and even long after), there were no conferences, workshops, people willing to come and explain to you the business of entrepreneurship, not everyone Allows mobile phone, internet access (via Dial-up) – everything made the information move cumbersome and with a very large
delay. By the time she got to you, she was already obsolete.

Personal development was not even heard in theory. It was a generalised bâjbâială, and each was based more on instinct than knowledge. It was also kind of a good job, because the practice and the banging with the upper heel, teaches you and teaches you quickly what to do but especially what not to (anymore) do.

And yet, having a mentor, a person who knows the meaning of the word entrepreneurship in practice, not from books, is crucial. In the past, students dreamed of poorly paid jobs in top companies, because they only had access to state-of-the-art information, schooling and „teachers” to guide their first career steps.

Now all of these are handy to anyone, only interested and involved to be. And on top of that, there’s free. People, resources, exceptional speakers come to share with anyone who wants to listen to their precious life experience. Advantages that people today consider idols, performers, entrepreneurs, have not benefited. Instead, young people today can take advantage of these occasions, offered practically on a platter. It’s up to them not to miss them!

From the perspective of someone who has not had easy access to information, but who had the chance to stay, even briefly, around mentors, I can say that those experiences have changed my career course in a definitive way. Inclination to entrepreneurship, a willingness to work for years to see a concrete result, tuition, involvement. All puzzle pieces must be there, present. But the most and most important is the man who explains how to assemble them from the first and in what order, so as not to waste precious time and the chance of the moment.

Young people have the advantage of enthusiasm and optimism, the nonscience that allows them to take crazy risks which, why not recognize, sometimes give exceptional results. That helps you get started in the early years. But the lesson of failure, the humiliation lesson can only be learned from those with the school of life.

There is no universal recipe for performance, But it helped me that I was constantly In everything I’ve done and I’m not discouraged. Almost all my successes began by being failures. First time I got in a canoe, I fell in the first 30 seconds. But I got back on the boat. And every time I fell, in life or in competitions, I did the same thing. But everyone has to find their own motivation. And that’s not only true for sports. If I’d stayed in the Delta, I’d be the best fisherman ever!

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These words were spoken by our great world champion Ivan Patzaichin, who is also Ambassador
BUZZ! Camp

BUZZ! Camp
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Buzz! Camp It is carried out in several cities in Romania and in Bucharest from 18-22 November 2013. More details on the event agenda you’ll find here:

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