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Happiness smells like Autumn

Autumn has entered into it’s rights and we have resumed our activities between the holidays. All the activities, including, in place of honor, going to the office.

This autumn has something special. Bring with it peace and quiet, a Zen of ALA „in your Face”, despite protests on the street and the inner ones. All is good in the world.
I look around and enjoy all the things I hated before or besides passing with indifference. A cup of coffee from the office, the best in the building, on the tested. Gone to the evening watch at work (so what if, just don’t complain to the kids in the house) and point to the nearest restaurant, Park, cinema. Marathons of the series that most of which with the scent of soap but that relaxes me maximum. In September we have the True Blood program.

I’m not running after anything. No more covet the future, the present sounds wonderful.
Pampering. Quiet. Fall.

Too bad they canceled the lawyers ‘ ball. It would have been the icing on the cake- in the mood for a party.

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