Ek Tha Tiger – Tiger Story

The Tiger StoryLast night I was invited to see this Indian movie, the second of my entire career as a man watching Indian movies. The first movie watched, about which I wrote here, left me a more than pleasant impression, so I received the invitation with joy and impatience.

Unfortunately, the tiger’s story did not rise to the height of the first film, for this reason: it does not have a narrative thread worth watching. In short, Salman Khan, this Van Damme of India, Snopește left and right individuals in slow motion, half the time. In the other half is Keanu Reeves who on the rhythms of the Matrix is falls by a girl (Katrina Kaif) who could be her daughter. So much for the romatic side of the story!

Fun Facts in the movie

  1. -though smitten, our hero never kisses the princess! Not even a small, small, small kiss. Is it because of July waving?
  2. -we learn from the film that if you have 47,000 euros you can run around the world and visit all the major cities of Europe plus Cuba! Oh, my gosh! I’m leaving tomorrow!
  3. -The main character, a man who looks 45 years old tries to conquer the heroine with replicas like: I’ve never felt anything like it for anyone, never made a gift to any girl before… at 45 years?!

Things are like this: if you’ve never watched another Indian movie before, don’t go to it. You’re going to be stuck with a bad, totally flawed impression of their films. I can’t even say it was an Indian movie. Apart from the superb music and costumes, this film was one „beat” in the classic and stupid Hollywood style.

I’m not much of a cinefilă with experience but I think if you don’t tell a story with a little substance, credible, universal, so that as many viewers can be found in it, you’ve lost the audience who wants to see something more than a movie with bătă I. You really win the great mass of people. Is that a fair trade?

Maybe my disappointment comes from the fact that the first movie was much, much better. I hope I still have a chance to see a movie like that in cinemas. Until then, go see Salman Khan, a 45-year-old moșulică with a little tummy trying to conquer a 20-year-old girl. It’s really funny!

The movie goes on December 6th in cinemas.

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