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About small farmers and passing on the gift


And now I remember Trip Made at the hotel. The idea of the program but from Dar, it seemed to me since then extraordinary because it combines the interest of small farmers with the milk processors. On the one hand, small farmers receive free special ruminating Holsteins from Ireland, which can supply up to 25 litres of milk per day, are trained in nutrition, care and milking, and also receive free milking facilities. On the other hand, milk processors have the guarantee that they can buy milk at a quality consistent with EU rules that will come into force from 1 January 2014.

By synthesizing, these people are given the opportunity to develop a small business with the help of Junicilor received gift, their only obligation being moral, to do a good deed and to make a gift from the gift, to pass on the first baby veal born of a Other farm families, thus helping to increase the program.

What I find truly selfless is the lack of constraints. Danone doesn’t oblige small farmers to sell their milk. The price of milk is set freely on the market. Danone does not require the recovery of the investment that represents the cost of junicii, milk and training facilities, whether it collects milk from the farmer or not. Every small farmer has the power of decision on the course of this arrangement at any time. And I still like empowerment. „Obligation” to donate a cow and do in turn, a good.

Danone made this project out of its own funds, not from EU funds.

Starting from this idea of Dar…

This idea of win-win situation has been following me since last year. We turned it around, we discussed it with other people, skillful people in finding the hidden interest, the substrate, the profit that is not spoken of. I couldn’t find it. The idea is brilliant and must be taken over! I realized that this idea works because it combines the interests of both sides without coercing. this idea educates. This idea provides a means of existence, not alms.

I also urge you to tell me about the last time you did a good deed, just so you could, without expecting to receive something in return or without having an immediate gain from that deed.

I want you to brag because these gestures deserve to be faced, recognized, given for example, put to the honor panel. Because people are like monkeys: Monkey see, monkey do! If we also explain to those who are not familiar with the idea of doing well without waiting for something in return, the fact that there are people, and not few, who live their lives doing good deeds whenever they can, I am sure that at least some of them will put some Bars and may reconsider their attitude. The power of the example works!

What you need to actually do

1. Talk in a few phrases about your last good deed made without wanting to receive something in return.

2. At the end of the two weeks, the most beautiful story will be chosen by me (yes, subjective, but believe me that I am very objective in my subjectivity) and will be awarded by Danone with products for an entire week.

The contest will be held between November 18, 2013 – November 30, 2013.

But, say straight, don’t you care about the prize and you’ll gladly tell your life experiences just to inspire other people, even if you don’t get to the Premianților podium?

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