Cleaning in the Library

I recently bought a bliblioteca because my living room was filled with strung boxes all over the place where the books were stored. I knew from the beginning that I wanted a library in a classic style and that’s why I did it on command, because, let’s face it, everything that is sold nowadays in terms of libraries is sold for decorative purposes and not to have the function to host tens and dozens of books (PO Hundreds of them, I did not count them).

I waited for the library with great enthusiasm, inchipuindu me how we would put the books in it and how we would remember when and in what circumstances I read each one. But unfortunately, this experience was hopelessly spoiled by the „goodwill” of some family members who heard they were taking their children’s library, thought to donate tons of books from their own library. And so I went with my new library full of books that I didn’t buy, which I didn’t want, which I didn’t read, which I don’t represent.

Like any experience in life, reading experience is a personal one. From the moment a book awakens your interest while you’re in the bookstore and looking for something new to read, from the moment you read the contents or a rasfoiesti or hold it in your hand to see if it’s what you’re looking for, from the moment you pay it and you can’t wait To get home or to a terrace and read it until you finish reading it and sit your thoughts and pull invatamnitele of it, all about this experience is PERSONAL.

When you look at your own library and see how many books you read, that gives you a sense of pride and urges you to continue reading. When you look at your personal library and see how few books you read, that also urges you to read even more, it makes you aware that you have to inbunatatesti this chapter of your life.

Also, when someone else looks at your library and sees how many books and what kind of books you read, it makes an informed opinion about what kind of person you are and how you’ve evolved over the years.

But if you look at your library and see it full of foreign books, that does not awaken any memory, no desire to reread or read, on the contrary I give you an uncertain feeling, undefined exactly but still unpleasant, what’s the point of that piece of furniture In your house? What’s the point of those books in your house, than it can get you further away from reading experience?

The reading process, learning, the process by which we approach or gain interest in a particular subject is very personal, it relates to what happens to us at that moment in life, it relates to who we are or who we want to be with, or what we want to change M to us as people.

If someone recommends a book or gives me a gift card, I can try to read it and if it suits me, I can finish it. But if someone’s flooding my life and my library with a ton of impersonal books, I don’t know how much I can handle this thing, and I don’t know if I’m supposed to be struggling to cope with this thing.

Because obviously I have no way of throwing all these books, I separated today library in two sections: „Foreign books” and my books. My books give me a feeling of warm and fuzzy, foreign books transmit negative energies to me.

This cleanliness should be done in every area of life. It should start with the wardrobe, which is always full but we never have anything to wear because there are a lot of things out there that we no longer use. Donate them! I started cleaning this up in my closet two years ago, and since then I’ve been doing it every few months. In turn, the kitchen has undergone changes (it had too many pots and pans from the buncii times we never used), the closet (empty boxes from various things bought), clients (who do not pay, sorry but do not work on buttons) and to the people of My life that brings me more negative energies than positives around me and it ruins all my karma.

I have to admit that the last chapter is still work in progress. But we’ll get there.

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