Carnival in Notting Hill – between advertising and reality

Since 1966, at each end of August, by Bank Hollyday, in Notting Hill, a select district in London, is organized Notting Hill Carnival – The largest European festival organized on the streets of a city. Somehow bring, at least from the presentation, with the famous Brazilian carnival. 40,000 volunteers participate in organizing it. So, big event!

Being at that time in London, I said I could not miss an event of this magnitude, especially since it is part of the local culture of the city, which I wanted to experience fully, tired from my very first visit from 2011 , tourist locations.

Carnival advertising sounds like this:

The carnival is inspiring Caribbean, essentially celebrating the abolition of slavery. Food is also at least in theory, Caribbean inspiration. Music is also the heart of the party. You will have the opportunity to listen to various music from reggae to R & B, Funk and even House.

Notting-Hill-Carnival Commercial-500
Official pictures of the carnival

The pictures taken in the other editions strengthen your conviction that this event is not a loser.

How was the carnival actually?

Maybe the carnival has its audience (and clearly it has it if we stand to judge by the great people present here) but I thought the event was a bunch of semi-drunk people yelling more like a newborn. And no pictures on the scene are as bright as those, let’s call them „official.” Shall I bring up the food? You’d better eat at Dristor a sharoma than from here on the street. Music? Well… about as bad as in Bamboo…

I leave you in the company of photos unpassable through Photoshop.

Nothing Hill Carnival 2013-8
Nothing Hill Carnival 2013-10
Nothing Hill Carnival 2013-9
The allegorical
Nothing Hill Carnival 2013-7
Caraibiana inspirational food…
Nothing Hill Carnival 2013-6
Nothing Hill Carnival 2013-5
Nothing Hill Carnival 2013-1
And more crowd
Nothing Hill Carnival 2013-2
You see those thick boards of OSB? There are the showcases of the stores covered for the flood, not to be devastated by the festival.

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