Brighton – The British Riviera

Because I really wanted to live on my own skin and understand by my own senses what life really means in the UK but not in London, that town that everyone says ”
it is different and it is not compared to the true life of the British „ and last but not least, because I love the sea and I would not miss a city with water if found so close to where I am staying, I decided before I went on vacation, that I would visit Brighton.

Brighton is a kind of Constanţa for Londoners, it’s the place where the whole „good world” buys vacation boxes and runs for a mini weekend vacation, for a sunbathing and a bit of sunbathing. Brighton is a kind of French Riviera for the British. Even in some pictures, it’s strikingly similar to this one, if you don’t realize exactly which shore you’re in.

We were lucky to have a warm and sunny day for our getaway to the sea. We and all of London were there, because we went to bank holiday, a feast that at them marks the end of summer and the beginning of schools (or something like that). The summer of 2013 was particularly warm and beautiful, and Londoners took full advantage of the sun, some even sunbathing and bathing, although the water was extremely cold for my taste.

The station, it’s like it’s out of one of the Poirot movies. I’m a big fan of Poirot because I love cop movies-when I was little I wanted to be a cop, I didn’t get out and I ended up accounting. Still out there! But about Poirot, another time.

Brighton railway station-500
Brighton train station

The town is picturesque, with a whiff of the years 50. In a positive sense! Extremely positive!

Panorama Brighton
Panorama Brighton

The beach, though with stones, sublime. I love her, I love her! He’s got that je ne sais qui that we’ve been looking for all over the world and so far we’ve only met him here. I still have to search through France, I think that and on there is meeting this feeling of suspension over time, the sublime, peace and detachment of material, beautiful life, blue skies, visitation in a brighter and calmer past.

On the beach in Brighton

I wanted to stay there, buy a cottage by the sea and decorate it with Lucrușoare bought off the boardwalk. The days we would have spent walking on the străduțele of the city stretching the hills, discovering something new every day. I would have written, he would have fished or carved small wooden stuff and we would have sold it to people as a memento.

Beach House
Souvenirs box
Clams (2)

In the days when he would have been away by boat at sea, I would have spent all day on the pier, on chaise-longs made available free of charge for passers and I would have watched the city or just the sun, until at noon, the boats would have emerged on the horizon along with the last rays of Sunset.

On the pier, the world sits in the sun

The city is quite large and has many attractions but I only got to see the beach, the waterfront and a few străduțe from their old center. I spent one day. We would have returned but the transport (train ticket) is extremely expensive! We were lucky and we caught the discount for the holidays, making it an acceptable price. In the pictures below, some of the city’s beauties:

The world’s first electric railroad!
Electric Trenuletul, goes on the same route, giving over the cliff, just like in 1883
Alley in Brighton
Brighton Eye
A park
In the park, a squirrel eat from the hand passers hazelnuts

A visit to Brighton is worth 10 to the psychologist. It makes you understand what you want from life but especially what you don’t want. It’s where everything becomes possible, gives you the chance to live some of your dreams and lock them up in a cutiuță with memories, not with regrets. And then, make the right choices, not the hasty ones.

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