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Blue Ball

The Blue Ball

The Blue Ball It is a gala that anyone can attend by purchasing a ticket or sponsorship package. The festive and long-awaited point of the gala is the auction of services and products made available by the blue ball sponsors. All funds raised in this way will be used to finance a social Intregrare program dedicated to young people with autism.

Why participate

Because it’s a noble cause, it’s about children and children. „Defeat autism” Association He needs the individual support of both people, of every individual who can and wants to participate in this ball and of the companies.

You can help these children by popularizing the purpose of this association (share, like or write articles on your own blogs) and your participation in the blue ball by purchasing:

Details on how to purchase invitations and sponsorship packages find Here.

For those who do not feel so philanthropic, for those who do not believe in donations, the motivation to participate is a simpler one: the blue ball is one of the most beautiful events organized in Bucharest, an event with great ștaif in which large local personalities participate as well as ambassadors of Other countries that support the cause of people with autism. You have the opportunity to participate in an evening of exquisite elegance, dotted with many surprises and artistic moments. An unforgettable party.

This year’s edition will have him as a special guest on Scott James, a young singer from the UK, diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome – an autism spectrum disorder. He participated in the X Factor contest in Britain, becoming famous throughout the world for the interpretation of the song Through My Eyes, becoming an international anthem for the Cause of autism.

Dress Code recommended: Gala dinner with blue clothing theme or containing blue accessories.

Whether you support the cause of autistic children, whether you want to participate in an unforgettable evening, a ball reminiscent of the grandeur and significance of its organization and the characters that will participate in the luxury of interwar dances, The Blue Ball 2013 is an unmissed opportunity to see and be seen. And at the same time to help.

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