Biz Day – Courage and innovation

Claudiu Pandaru has asked today a question during innovation day at Biz 2015: What has he taken in the market 30,000 people in the last few days?


I thought about what got me out on the street the first few days, and also, what made me not go out in the last. Besides the universal desire for change, the need to reset everything that represents today Romania, I felt that there, in the street are my people, with whose ideas and desires I could identify, totally overlap. I felt that there in the street was me, multiplied by 30,000 times, and this feeling made me get off the couch and join the crowd.

Many of those present in the first two to three days, like me, have never returned to the market. Why? Did the reset desire disappear? Does the need for safety and rebellion against the system that allowed innocent people to die died? Way. The reason is synthesized in a simple phrase that Claudiu Shyanne said, and it seemed to me to be the perfect explanation, or at least in my case it folded perfectly on my motivation: The democracy crisis is especially about the way we debate the values not necessarily the values surveyed.

The way the crowd demanded their rights in the last evenings of protest has never resonated with my way of being and doing. I never found myself, not in claims, the same, but the way the street put it. I retired in my because bubble it’s not enough to have the same principles, the same desires with someone, you have to have the same vision of how you accomplish them, about the way of action, about the steps to follow in the future. You must share the same path, not just the same destination.

Returning to innovation and how you can innovate, one thing is clear. I knew him beforehand, but somehow, every once in a while, I need to be reminded of the things I know just so inside me and I can’t validate them with anything tangible. Courage and innovation go hand in hand. We must be constantly exposed to ideas to become aware of them as still present in our minds, to remind us that we still believe in them and in us.

Innovators don’t believe in recipes. Innovation triumphs where you are not set on a template, where you have the courage to constantly question the way things are done, even if the way they do yield. Innovation is not measured in profit.

Standing among people who innovate is normal to have a hundred ideas. Notes to self: I have to go to several conferences. It’s important to be among creative people. Somehow, capture their energy and take it home, and the next day you come up with ideas of your own, creative. Watch your energy capture because those will be your ideas tomorrow! How do you kill a creative? You isolate him from everything he represents. Congratulations. You created a normal man.

Although I love my bubble-why I would not love it, it is so comfortable here- change is the only constant of life, of ourgeneration. The ability to accept change without considering it a direct attack on the lifestyle is an important asset , perhaps more important than a diploma. The ability to adapt from flight to change, to opportunities, the ability to see an opportunity in a less happy situation is nowadays the thing that takes you out of the crowd.

Truth about Global Brands
presented by McCann drew my attention particularly because it used a lot of the phrase „We fell that…”. I do not have advanced marketing knowledge to understand the true value of the information in this studio, but I resonated with the idea that innovation starts from that
„we fell that…” from that sensation about which, in the early stages, you can only translate it into
„That’s how I feel.”

The bottom line of McCann’s panel was the absolute essence of the idea of innovation: Best way to do it is just do it. Often good ideas die in the lack of courage to put them into practice, in the absence of vision and lack of confidence in their own forces. There are no luckier, smarter ones, more learners. They’re just braver. You don’t always need a plan. Or rather, you need faith that it will be better than a plan. I admire the person who rather knows for sure that he’ll be fine than the person who knows for sure where he’ll be tomorrow. He knows for sure that wherever he is tomorrow, he’ll be fine. Why? Because she’ll be there and she’ll make it right.


One thing became clear at the end of Innovation day. There are two types of people: people who have desires and people who give their wishes. Some say they want to do one thing while they dream with their noses stuck to the window like they’re in the other camp, those who don’t say anything, and they do things, and they take risks. Be the man who does, life is much cooler in this camp.

* The highlighted phrases are the ideas of the speakers, ideas that have remained in my mind, which I thought long after the conference ended; The story around them is mine.

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