At TNB you can purchase tickets online

TNBMaybe you knew, maybe not. They can be purchased online since April 1, 2013 (and No, it wasn’t a hoax), but I just woke up when I wanted to buy a ticket to the theater.

The worst part is that tickets are basically sold about 1 week in advance, which means I still need to know 7 days before if I want to see a play and that if I decide to buy the tickets, I’ll be able to get to meeting Without anything interfering. In practice, I tried to make a reservation at a show that took place on September 28th, and I found another spot. With little luck…

The experience of buying an online ticket from TNB is a pleasant one. Although you are also directed on the website of a ticket processor, I liked that you could choose your place in the hall. To be able to purchase tickets, you must make an account on the processor website.

Big, big like and a really big step forward for TNB This feature that makes it available to theatre lovers.

I am convinced that many more people will go to TNB from now on, especially those who are very busy and do not have time for bad roads to ticket homes.

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