Cisnadioara, Rasinari and Paltinis – the wonders of Romania

Today we walked through the surroundings of Sibiu, Cisnadioara, Rasinari, we went up to Paltinis, the first mountain resort in Romania, which is located at listing 1420. Although it rained mocaneste all day we managed to see some very interesting things and surprise a bit of the picturesque air of the place. As usual, having „Wikipedia ambulance” with me, I had a trip with the audio guide. It is very nice to go to the road with a man who knows them all and tells them accessible and captivating.

Usually when we came to Sibiu, we visited the centre and so on. Now I intend to discover a little more because I believe that every place hides the beauties and captivating secrets of the past. I discovered this:

1. The only common with trams in Romania, Rasinari, about 12 km from Sibiu. The tram line is special because it actually goes through the field, near the forest, like a train. It’s just a streetcar. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be working right now, it doesn’t know exactly why. But the line exists.

The common resin is typical Saxon, with houses built like fortresses on the street, with courts on the inside. I discovered the site of the www.primaria-rasinari.roresins, extremely nice and with very useful information, but also the account on Facebook, where there are fairly recent posts. The mayor must be young and open to new. Very well, we would need more mayors to make presentation sites with the past and future of the locality that they manage and accounts on Facebook in which to announce various, for tourists interested to visit and not only.

2. The Road to Cisnadioara, beautiful and asphalted. In fact, in the west of the country, everything is asphalted. This joint has gas, too, if you can believe it. In Bucharest There are streets that have no electric current, but this commune in the mountains has electricity and gas!

3. On the way to Paltinis, we realized that exactly today is organized the coast Rally, information presented on a very large panel that had all the necessary details so that tourists would not lose time climbing half way just to Return. The panel informs us that the road is closed all day, climbing and descent making only 1 hour a day, between 13 and 14 am. So we had the opportunity to see the riders and the cars that were going to compete and although there are no sports fans of any kind, I liked the relaxed and friendly atmosphere that is created at such events.

We waited 10-15 minutes to make 13 o’clock and ventured to Paltinis knowing that we have less than an hour to climb for pictures and then for descent. In fact, car access wasn’t allowed at 1:00, but at 13 and 10 minutes, which meant we had only 50 minutes for the whole business. If we missed our descent, we were going to be „sequestered” by 6:00 at Paltinis. We evaluated the risk and decided to go upstairs. We were lucky and sequestered we didn’t stay, we framed in time, we even got down three minutes earlier by closing the road.

It was raining continuously and as we ascended, the road became more and more blurry. At one point, you couldn’t see a foot in front of you, and certain portions of the road had no trees left on the right, leaving you the impression that you were walking a road that crosses a great Hau, all covered in fog. Fog to the right, fog to the left, fog in front. Back, no way, because the curves were tight and the traffic was intense, all you could do was go ahead and take your way down the fog again, just after you got up to Paltinis.

About Paltinis I found out that this was written „Diary of Paltinis”, a remembrance of the moments spent by Gabriel Liiceanu around Noica in the period 1977-1981. I took advantage of BookFest and bought my book, which is programmed as my next reading, which I think I’m going to start these days.

A stranger who would read the journal could believe that in those years the people of Romania did nothing but lose themselves in timeless meditations or dream of the fate of civilization. The journal goes beyond the inevitable discreet boundaries of a philosophical text and reveals its true or thought: the search for itself. The crime that crowns the book looks less on the master cat on the disciple… ” David Campbell

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