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Beautiful things can also be done in Bucharest.

For who has curiosity or for whom he has no choice, after the grey blocks of Vitan there is a very beautiful place, hidden from the world, an oasis of greens surrounded by concrete-the sport base Olimpia.

I found this place so out of sheer randomness, about how all the good things are discovered in this life, because the stars have aligned, and I’ve come to be right below them.

The UTI shooting range (originally targeted location) is closed on Sundays, and I really needed a job from boys on Sundays. So I came to discover that here at this beautiful sporty fire base, with lots of greenery, you think you’ve been through a portal and you’re no longer in the middle of Bucharest, the Citadel Archery Cluboperates.

Green oasis on a Sunday of October


Professor Aurel Rafaela, former multiple national champion and continental referee at archery, takes on ÎNVĂȚĂCEII, whether they are beginners (like us) or more experienced, who are preparing for the National Field Championship and even for International competitions.

First they equip you well with everything while explaining what it uses and what each piece of the suit does. Then put your bow in your arms and follow the technical explanations about the position of your arms, body, head. Obviously, by the time you reach the end with explanations, you’ve already forgotten the beginning.

Quiver with arrows
ARC Support
A leather thing so it doesn’t hurt you too much from the arc the moment you shoot

But there’s no baths, when you wake up with the Dihania in your hand and with the quiver of arrows hanging from your trousers, your movements come automatically, sharply, concisely. That may also be because you’ve watched Robin Hood too many times.

The arrows go to the beginning in weeds, which is good, because there is also the variant when instead of shooting at the target you shoot in various harsh things around and that makes the arrows break. Then the professor frowns a little but forgives you immediately, because it’s very common with people who don’t know anything about archery but they do somersaults and jump upwards of joy when you put one in their arms (here we refer, of course, to all men who at the sight of a Arc (re) become children 5 years old).

After about an hour so explanations and sitting in the cold you start to Nimerești and target, sometimes even in that yellow part that marks the center. Then you have a thought that you’ve missed your career, and instead of getting Archer you’ve been a lawyer, or an accountant or another bazaconie of this.

You can see it, right? It’s the yellow part!

The professor is very nice and makes you feel welcome in his little Cidadelă. He even made me feel welcome, which I don’t feel like anywhere. He wouldn’t let me leave until he snatched me a promise that next time I’d try this „extreme” sport.

-It’s a shame! Stay here in the cold and don’t try. Things have to be tried at least once. I give you a tiny bow… necessarily!

For those who want to try this sport, contrary to delusional, it doesn’t even cost a fortune. 25 Ron/hour per person.

At the Olimpia sports base, several sports can be practiced, including Echitația, an older passion of mine, abandoned for everyday activities. One hour of horse riding costs here 80 Ron.

We will gladly return to this place. Who knows, maybe I’ll see you there!

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