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I knew since I first saw it that this book must be read quietly, with all due attention and if I do so will repay me with a piece of its wisdom.

After the first day of walking through Torremolinos, This picturesque and quiet town that confirmed that I will retire one day by the sea, I felt the need to end the day in the company of a good book.

The book, written in the form of a three-part play with suggestive titles (the airport, will see you again in the year that passed and Just call Me Baby) describes extremely natural and in a form of direct addressing, as if the author spoke directly to you , a love story that takes birth at an airport and extends over a period of three years or more precisely during three days of three different years.

For the first thirty seconds after completing the book I had that feeling of anger that any reader feels when the story does not go in the expected direction, when the action takes you unprepared and arousess you contradictory and strange feelings Familiar, but just a little bit, to realize that this story could not have had another more real, more appropriate ending, an ending that if I met outside of the pages of a book it would seem the most natural in the world. I always expect a story to have happy end and somehow, subtly, it does.

That question–why ? -we’ve put it all over time. Why a story ended in a certain manner, why it ended instead of continuing, why it didn’t start. The book responds very clearly to the question „why”. Ştefan Cara captures very correctly the human nature, which although at declarative level is capable of many great, beautiful words, much sacrifice in the name of love, in the real plan, basically, things stay different.

A story about how difficult it is, for both a woman and a man, to break away from the albeit unfortunate, very comfortable life, routine, ordinary. A difficult, downright impossible process, which not even the idea that at the end of it would be that idyllic, perfect, timeless love fails to make it possible.

Perhaps better that in any other writing I read is made clear demarcation between real life and what the characters would want, identifying very clearly the path that would be to be followed to pass the dream plan into that of reality but none of the Do Au characters will not follow.

The lesson given by the third main character in the last chapter of the two lovers of the idea of love, quickly divides people into two categories as different as they are homogeneous: people who have the courage to act at the right time, risking everything they have for The possibility of fulfilling a dream and the people for whom happiness has its roots deeply embedded in routine, convenience and familiarity.

Ştefan Cara has an impressive track record of prizes for more than sixteen years, and for the airport play he obtained in 2009 nomination uniter for the best piece of the year 2008.

I highly recommend your book Letters to Rita, a brilliant writing who doesn’t have to tell you the truth but just has to make you believe that it exists.

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