Accounting and tax consultancy for mothers

A few weeks ago I met Elena Galloway, an enthusiastic mother and also the president of the Association Work at Home Moms Romania. We became clients and so I began to know from the tax issues (and not only) of a mother who was on the two-year care of the child. Mummy’s questions are many and varied, which is why we thought that under the mentoring program M.A. M-Entrepreneurial Mentoring for Moms Let’s organize a session on accounting and tax consultancy.

So I invite mothers who want to develop their own business at a discussion about legal options to work from home.

We will also cover generic information about possible forms of tax registration and their accounting but the idea is another: there is no valid universal recipe, a template that can be applied successfully. A small detail, a small peculiarity of each of you can make the difference between a favorable accounting solution and pay to the costly state or worse, fines.

What we propose is to offer each participant at this event a personalized accounting and tax solution. After registration, please send a mail to the same address By explaining in a few rows your specific situation and any questions you may have.
You will receive in writing an accounting and tax solution which in my opinion suits you best. The projects will also be discussed during the event. The discussions also want to be free, based more on questions and answers in the hall, than on boring theory.

That donation mentioned on the event poster is exactly what it says there: a suggested donation. We cordially invite mothers who are interested in the subject but who have not budgeted this event in their expenditure in June to participate with confidence. The main purpose of this is to support all mothers who need accounting and tax advice.

You can enroll at the event on the email address

Details about the event you can find on FaceBook

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