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A few pictures of paradise – Turkey vacation at Rixos

I didn’t get a good time on a vacation that I went to another one. London is no place to allow you to do anything other than to fall into a total admiration and live the experience without interruption, without the Internet, without the blog.

Before the London Mirage, I made a getaway in a different paradise that I wrote about in the horse Chase, Here.

There’s nothing to say about an all-inclusive resort in Turkey. Those who have not, will not fully understand the experience just by reading a text, and those who have been aware that such an experience cannot be fully rendered in words.

I’ll let the pictures talk. Hardly picked a few pictures without protagonists. It seems that Turkey is urging pictures where you want to find yourself, while London wants to photograph solitary, so proud and beautiful she is, only she fits in the picture.

My scarf
The place where we dine
Lake near the hotel
Another Sunset
The Pool
In the evening the entire hotel was illuminated in vivid colours
Every night this fountain gave us a show of music and lights
At a café in the hotel
Good Food
More Good Food


The Best Baklava ever
Romanesque dinner
In The Lounge
The Fountain again
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