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A carnivore convinced in a vegetarian restaurant – Casa Satya

Satya 11-500

I’m a foodie. He’s a convinced carnivore. There’s no meat table in our house. So when I informed him that we would pay a visit to the Satya House, the Lord, he twisted his nose: and the flesh? Where’s the meat? Ok we go but then we stop at a Mc, right?

Casa Satya is a vegetarian restaurant. Alchemy for body and soul.

In a detached frame of Bucharest’s stories the other time, in an old house on the Boulevard Banu Manta 25, we warmly welcomed Mrs. Camelia Rosu, owner of the restaurant. She also handles Blog Which details the recipes of the preparations, so that anyone interested in eating better, healthier, can do that. Find out about detoxification tips, information about various plants and vegetarian food in general.

Casa Satya by night

My Lady Camelia conquered me with her warm and patient voice with that story about the vegetarian lifestyle. It made it seem, even for some carnivores convinced so that we, everything possible, easy, even a big mistake that we do not live like this, but not to impose their beliefs. If I had Mrs. Camelia at my house how good it would be!

The culinary experience was sublime! Food is unusual and unprecedented in other places. The restaurant promotes the concept of slow food-the ingredients are enjoyed in a moment of detachment from the daily. The autumn/Winter menu We enjoyed contains the bunătățile below:

Shimeji Mushrooms with rice
Caprese Salad with Jennifer Pomodori and tomato Mousse
Vol-au-vent with spinach or mushrooms
Grill Tofu with rice
Broccoli soufflé and cheese Gouda
Ginger Steak

At dessert, gateaux aux chocolait

La desert, gateaux aux chocolat

let’s talk and pricing. A main kind is around 30 ron, an entrée between 15 Ron and 45 Ron, a soup between 10 Ron and 17 Ron, desserts between 15 Ron and 23 Ron. Prices are the same whether you choose to dine in the restaurant or have your food delivered anywhere you want in Bucharest.

The restaurant also has a terrace that I have not seen right now, but which during summer makes the furore among mommies, being very child friendly (so I hear).

We’ll go back to the house Satya Because he managed to convince a vicious carnivore to want to have lunch here. A lunch without a bit of meat! And I, for one, can’t wait to see Mrs. Camelia again.

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