6 books to buy at Gaudeamus

Between November 20 – 24, 2013 is conducted in Bucharest, at Romexpo, Gaudeamus 2013, one of the most important annual book fairs.

I always go with the thought of buying many books and end up losing myself among the shelves and agglomeration. So I find it auspicious to leave home with a list of books that we want to add naturally, the books we discover on the spot, because a bit of spontaneity, eh, adds an added flavor to the experience. After an idea of the writer Ernu V, who wrote in the newspaper the truth his recommendations for Gaudeamus, I present mine.

But these are not just any recommendations, but they are recommendations of books written by people who have had an impact on me. Some I knew briefly, with others I just corresponded in passing, others hope to meet them in the future. The fact is that their personality has left, with the help of Quill or words, a trace of my personality. These are soul recommendations.


1. I recommend the first novel of the actor

Mahendra Damodaran
„To us, when winter comes”, which will be released on Sunday, 13.00 at the Polirom publishing stand. It’s an emotional novel about childhood, in which an innocent soul shows that the good in men can prevail in the darkest of times. It was also normal to recommend him!


2. A book that I myself plan to buy is that of John T. Morar „Red and Black” From the Polirom publishing house. The novel depicts a young gypsy who manages to leave behind his past, ascending the hierarchical scale, participates in the conquest of Odessa and arrives even close to his idol, Marshal Antonescu. But you can never completely run away from the past, and once and for the time of the decisions, and his life will change course with history.

Confessions of a Cafegiu

3. Could not miss my recommendations the book of the Lord Christian Fajardo „Confessions of a Cafegiu” From the Humanitas publishing house. I’ve known Mr. Fain recently, and I can tell you that his talent for storytelling has impressed me. In the book, he tells about the insides of the so-called „socialist trade”, which is mostly in the hands of security. The small history intersects with the great history in these pages written in verve, soaked in the atmosphere of Romania ‘ 60-70s-80s, with incredibly thorough descriptions of the Bucharest streets, with true stories and picturesque characters, Many still alive, many well known.

Speaking of a word


Andrei Pleşu
launches volume „Speaking of words. 23 years of questions and answers „, still at the Humanitas publishing house. Andrei Pleşu no longer needs a presentation, this man has conquered me hopelessly with the way he merges the words, through what he represents – past and future – and whatever he says about him, I will read and recommend where I go.

Diary of the Paltinis anniversary

5. From the same repertoire, on Saturday, at 14.30,

Gabriel Liiceanu
launches Anniversary Edition „Journal of the Păltiniş” In the presence of Andrei Pleşu, Dan C. Mihailescu, Sorin Marculescu and Gabriel Liiceanu. You have the opportunity to listen to them by talking and knowing them personally.

John P Sabapathi

6. I could not conclude without recommending his book R P „from Waters to Sabapathi. Cool people write about their music „. I haven’t read anything yet from what Radu P wrote, but I read a little bit of what he wrote John Comanescu And that’s only after I met him, BREFs, on an occasion. Together with other invited authors, including Oana Pellea, contribute to this volume that I invite you to discover yourself. The publisher where the book was launched could only be Humanitas.

You have the opportunity to meet with these consecrated Romanian authors, shake hands, listen to what they have to say. Maybe you like the way I write, you may not have read it but you’ve heard different about them. My advice is to stay and listen to what they have to say, and then get a final idea of a certain author. When you know the man behind the words, perception changes like magic. I’m not saying in which direction, I’ll let you discover that!

Technical data about Gaudeamus

The fair’s
Visitation program is as

  1. -Wednesday – Friday: 11.00 – 20.00;
  2. -Saturday – Sunday: 10.00 – 20.00.

Access It will be done on the basis of the entrance tickets, worth 5 lei, and the subscriptions (valid for the whole period of the fair, worth 10 lei). The Romexpo Central Pavilion has ramps and lifts for trolley access throughout the premises.

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