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Our Core business is and will always remain accounting. We’re a boutiquecompany. We are small (the team is now made up of 5 people) and we are so intentionally left. We select our customers and in 99% of cases we have relationships that span two-digit periods. If we discover that we are not compatible, we shake hands and break up friends.

Working mode

We work best at a distance“: Documents are sent by post, even by customers in Bucharest, or if there are few (up to 10 monthly documents) are sent to us by email, Dropbox or other online communication methods. If the file is more “bushy” we have a dedicated person who comes and picks up the documents from your headquarters or wherever you want (for Bucharest and IF).

If you still want to come to our office personally to leave or raise documents, my colleagues are waiting for you any day between 9 am and 5 pm.

You will receive banks from my colleagues with lists of issues (missing documents, documents that are not prepared correctly, taxes and fees, documents for personnel files, payroll etc) but I keep in touch with clients for questions, clarification Tax and accounting. Communication is done almost non-stop, realizing on Whatsapp, Skype, FB Messenger, mail and phone.

In this way we have managed to expand, while maintaining personalized consultancy for our clients that I realize all myself (I cared very much to respect an essential rule, namely: work with whom you sign).

For a price quotation or an estimated tariff, use the Contact Form.


A little of our history

In the year 2018 -We extend collaboration with companies outside Bucharest and Ilfov. If you are a company that activates online (freelancer eg) on various platforms (Upwork, Amazon, Themeforest etc), or you have your own clients, and you do not find in your city an accountant who knows the specifics of your activity, we can help you Even if you’re headquartered in another county.

Novelty of the year 2017 Is that we have decided to expand, while still keeping the same personalized services. We know, it’s an acrobatic leap we decided to try. If you want to become a customer, now is the time to start a discussion on this! 🙂

The blog still has the back, besides the accounting firm, A lawyer Willing to ransack laws and debate shoulders, because the questions I get and the situations they hit me with are getting more complex every day. Accountant’s life is super unpredictable: Now you think everything you’ve done is right and life is beautiful, now you find a new information with major impact on your clients ‘ activity and you panic until you realize if you’ve done everything right or not! In that case, a lawyer at the accountant’s house, it’s a must!

If you want to work together you must first want to do things correctly and legally, because in recent years there is a serious emphasis on the accountability of the accountant regarding the accounting leadership. The rest of you can negotiate.

As a personal signature, we work very hard with artists, YouTubers, Vloggers, bloggers, designers.

For indicative tariffs please consult our official page, section Rates.


For individuals seeking assistance in completing the single declaration. The price includes completing the single declaration in electronic format (intelligent PDF provided by ANAF) or in physical format (for those who want this year’s deposit at the counter).

After completing the statement will be sent to the physical person for submission. The rate does not include the creation of the account in SPV or submitting the declaration by SPV or any other means of deposit, but only its preparation.


For more complex declarations (e.g. more than 3 rental contracts) The tariff will be negotiated in advance.

In recent years I combined the online with accounting and gave us something extra. I discovered, totally random, this niche of freelancers who want “to go legit” or to check if the situation in which they are is black, gray or white, i.e. legal, borderline law or completely besides the law.

We explain to people without a bit of accounting knowledge, what they have to do, step by step. We help them make the right decision for themselves on how to authorise the activity.

If they want counseling or help to establish the SRL or the company’s attorney, they are available throughout the process. We try to explain to everyone that the law does not require collaboration with a lawyer for the establishment of an associate or an LLC, but when we want this outsourcing service, we are at your disposal.

We have considered our consultancy offer for those who want a personalized, one-on-oneconsultancy, when they can visit us at our headquarters, but also for those outside of Bucharest or for those who do not have time for a trip , at which point we offer SKYPEconsultancy.

As these services have been requested very often, we have designed on the legal side the following offers:

Creation SRL Associated individuals: fee 600 lei

Legal consultancy Skype-250 lei/session

Drafting contracts-starting at 400 Lei/contract

Tax and accounting consultancy for companies that already have an accountant- Second Opinion

This is a newer service we are trying to promote. I have noticed, from experience, that people are very reluctant to change an accountant and so should they be. My advice is not to change your accountant to the slightest problem. Neither you will be well-not a continuity, your business will suffer, even future accountants will not perceive you as a good customer, but as a fickle one.

At the same time, no accountant knows everything. As much as you change it, at some point, you’re going to hit a problem that he’s not going to rule out, especially with all these laws in a continuous change. So I advise you to keep your accountant and ask for a second opinion in the form of consultancy.

If the problem is too technical for you, it gives me great pleasure to discuss directly with your accountant. It is more productive, we speak “our language” and agree or disagree immediately. Which leads to a quicker solution to the problem.

I’ve met accountants who can’t stand to be contradicted, but I, for one, ask for a second opinion, and the seventh opinion, and any discussion with a fellow guild uses me in the first place to become better myself, even if at the moment it turns out I’d be in an error. And I think generally, accountants enjoy any exchange of views.

I never thought I’d write articles on Contabilicesti and tax issues. But when I was proposed, I already wrote them for my blog, and I thought, why not!

I never thought I’d participate as a speaker at a conference, but things have evolved naturally in this direction.

Who knows what the future holds? That is why we are open to collaborative proposals. Write me an e-mail, see what we can do together!

This post is also available in: roRomână