VIDEO Accounting Course

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We learn accounting records in the SAGA for basic operations.


How do I check an accounting balance sheet - simple rules for a correct month closure

The danger with the beginners accountants is that they learn a few rules to enter documents but make the transition difficult to compile, to the integration of the information they have just introduced and to a correct drafting of a… Read More »

Social capital registration and startup expenses

How to register the social capital and the startup expenses. I say that this course is addressed to beginners and for this reason the language used will not be extremely… pompous. 🙂 I hope you use it! 🙂 Read More »

Accounting using SAGA software

 Accounting using SAGA software, a Romanian software, that is used by 90% of small companies and the accountants love it. You can learn the basics of taking over a company in accounting using the SAGA program. My goal with these… Read More »

This post is also available in: roRomână