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I avoided Greece as a vacation destination all my life, in the idea (preconceived I would say) it is a cheap vacation destination, so the chances of you feeling “among the romanians” are high. However, Greece has somehow become the perfect destination for this summer, when for the first time I thought more about where we can go cheaply to the seside, more than to find a confy and quiet place near the sea.

Cheap flights to Athens and accommodation on AirBNB have pushed me quickly towards a decision and here we are, going to Greece, even before we had any time to think too much about it.

I think this is one of the secrets of happiness in life, to have minimal expectations, because Greece remained in my mind in a way that other high-rise locations have failed. Here are some details and events to help you make a better view of what our experience was and what marvelous things you can experience in Greece.

Divine Food

The food played a crucial role in falling in love with Greece. Food generally plays a crucial role in our travels and in overall feeling I get in a place I visit. I am a foodie after all. For example, I was super excited to get to the Cote d’azur, where for 8 days I ate frozen fries and sushi, because any other decent food costs enormously. And when I say huge, I hope you get a fair idea, considering I’ve lived with sushi, and sushi is not the cheapest food!

What did I eat? Lahmajoun (I know, it’s not Greek, but it was divine), gyros (I who did not touch such a thing until now, on weekends I started looking for Greek restaurants in Bucharest), tons of tzatziki with their special pita, salads (simple, but with a very good taste due to the ingredients-tomatoes they simply have another taste), cheese (cooked).

Always asking if you want sugar or not

On the other hand, there were 50 degrees at the time of our visit, and you couldn’t survive without drinking gallons of water and iced coffee. There’s no man on the street in Athens not to have a glass of iced coffee in his hand. You get used quickly with the bitter taste of Ness Amigo rubbed a little too little for my taste, over which is put water pay or mineral and lots of ice. Being on a diet, we greatly appreciated that everywhere they asked us if we wanted sugar or not. Not even once did it happen to accidentally get sugar in a drink or sugar syrup or any sweetener without me being asked.

Probably in those heat waves, where starting at 9:00 in the morning are 40 degrees in the shade, eating sugar on every coffee, it would be clean suicide.

Instead we took care of our craving for sugar, eating tons of icecream. 🙂

Icecream – Divine

They don’t put mayonnaise in any food

Following the same principle, the food has no mayo. Everything is served with Greek yogurt, in which they add sometimes leafs of mint, which makes the taste of the food refreshing.

Homeland of the cats

They implemented the “Tourist and Cat” program. When you enter Greece, you are assigned your own cat to take care of, to play with and share the gyros. When you leave, you leave the cat as inheritance to the next tourist, along with the feeding instructions and the secret places to buy gyros at midnight that you discovered in your area.

If you love cats, you’ll love it in Greece. 🙂

Kitty – Tired after a portion of Gyros

Pistachio Butter!

Aegina is the first island we’ve visited, and this is where I found out it’s called also Pistachio Island. Ever since you get off the ferry, in the little Colored Harbor, the locals with the stalls filled with pistachios and various foods made of pistachios greet you enthusiastically and serve you with a multitude of delights that you didn’t even know existed.

Pistachio butter was an extraordinary discovery for me, and I can’t imagine how I’ve lived without it before. It tastes divine! If peanut butter hasn’t impressed me by now, the pistachio butter is something I could eat 24/7.

If you’re in Athena, visiting Aegina is a must, just for this pistachio butter, bought from origin.

Bottled Table Water

You need plain water or table watter to survive the hot months in Athens. Luky you bottled water cost next to nothing in Greece. You’ll notice how you drink industrial quantities because of the heat waves but it won’t bother you very much because the taste of the water is very good compared to the one from us (my opinion, obviously). The table water is offered free of charge in most places where you dine or if it is charged, the rate is minimum, 1-1.5 Euro for a bottle of 1.5-2 litres.

Instead the mineral water is very expensive, even the most no name ones. You will quickly find that it is much more advantageous to sit at a terrace and eat something, and the water to be brought to the table, included in the food fare, than to give 3 euros on a small mineral water in the supermarket.

The islands, each with its story

I haven’t visited a lot of islands, but the few I’ve come to have been enough to confirm that life is different depending on the island you live in. In other words, from the hundreds of Greek islands, you will surely find one suitable for your style, whether you are thinking about going on vacation for a few days, months, or even thinking about moving for a longer period.

A country that provides diversity is definitely a country to keep on the list. On the holiday list or on the list to relocate.

On the narrow streets of Hydra

Yes, you could say that Greece had me at first bite of food. The truth is, I strongly believe that you don’t need anything in this life but the sea, the sun, the good and cheap food and someone to share it with.

Listen to the sound of Hydra Island
On my way to Hydra

Greece is a story you should be a part of


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This post is also available in: roRomână

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  1. Mario
    20 August 2018 / 10:49

    I think only a simple minded person would avoid a destination for the low price.

    • 20 August 2018 / 10:54

      Mario, not because it’s cheap, this is clear a plus for Greece. It’s just that a lot of Romanians go there on holidays and sometimes you don’t want to fell exactly like home. Maybe my English is not very good and I didn’t explain it properly.

  2. Mario
    20 August 2018 / 10:55

    Or better said, typically Romanian to show off going in “expensive” destinations and suffer because of the prices 🙂

    • 20 August 2018 / 10:57

      I hope at least you liked the rest of the article, besides my personal view. 🙂

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