The story of a book – Mother of Pearl S. Buck

Recently, an unusual occurrence, he awakened my interest in reading again, took me out of the Lancezeala specifying the times in which we live, reminded me (although it is still not clear how a feeling so exalted can look from time to time) the sensation of completeness The fullness and detachment that the pages of a book offer you.

Parked in haste, on an edge of the curb to visit a shop and I wanted to get back to the car before it was lifted, when an old woman, apparently beggar, approaches me in a strange way, which made me stop for a few seconds in haste and Nonbird.

They caught my attention to some old books that he held in his hand, all of the personal library and offered to sell passers in exchange for some lions, as everyone considered it worthwhile. The books, though old and visible read, were beautifully preserved, as a sign that their owner indragise and Apreciase in a way that I rarely meet people today to hold the printed manuscripts.

With a certain pride, sobriety and resignation broke up that blond of her old books, and her gesture impressed me terribly, because she could choose to simply ask for money, but she chose to understand that in the era we live in, everything is a great exchange and by The result had to offer something in exchange for a few pennies that she claimed, but not anything, but something valuable to her, namely the books kept with care for so many years.

The book, which ended up in my possession, totally „random” as I like to think of all my experiences, is written by a certain Pearl S. Buck, which I was about to find out later that she had been the first woman of American descent who won a Nobel prize for The exceptional description of the life of farmers in China.

The book describes the seemingly trivial and insignificant of a poor culegatoare of barley and its family, the existence of placid, monotonous, identical, from one season to the next.

Like the way in which I was offered, the Book of old coverings and the banal title – The mother –, impresses by the fact that she awakens the reader’s meaning of a life in her linear ensemble but entirely special from a single point of view, and The main character, the mother.

I recommend it from the heart!

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