Tax Gods

Andrei Savescu writes books about lawyers, but doesn’t forget US accountants ­čÖé

„And the economic world is made up of layers. Above all, there are the major tax gods: tax and tax.

Then follows other divinities: fines, penalties, contributions and others, a whole plethora.

The heavens where the tax gods master the world are the financial guard, financial administration, economic police, ITM, environmental guard, etc.

And downstairs, and most of them, are mortals, i.e. economic agents and physical people, called generics under the name of taxpayers.

and the accountants? What is their role in this world?

Well, accountants have the most important role. They’re the priests. I mean the intermediaries between the world of mortal taxpayers and the astral world of fiscal gods. Accountants are the ones who bring offerings. But, being themselves people, they strive to optimize expenses, so as not to infuriate the gods. „

Excerpt from the attorney practice by Andrei Savescu

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