Study EY Romania 2017-urban generations-how much does it cost our employees ‘ trust?

Study EY Romania 2017-urban generations-how much does it cost our employees ‘ trust?

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Since we moved in with the office near the House, I wake up very early in the morning. I do not know exactly how I managed to achieve such an effect, I would have expected to use the time won as I have always done so far, sleeping. But no! The nice thing is I have time to do a lot of things before I go to the office, like to have a quiet coffee. But what to see, when I have to be in the morning somewhere, like a conference that starts at 9, I wake up… at 9 without 5! I jumped out of bed and discovered once again, to dress and mache in 15 minutes, it’s not impossible!

At the Hilton on a big run, I just swallowed a nerasuflate coffee and started the presentation. The study was conducted on 2144 employees between May 31 – June 23, 2017.

What am I thinking Millenials

The study showed that Millenials (the generation of which I belong), have a low trust in the employer, so only 24% of them assert that they trust when 52% have some moderate confidence.

What makes them trust? What do I price millennials in the relationship with the employer? For them the most important respect for promises and open and transparent communication. Only three and four are talking about the importance of correct compensation and equal opportunities for promotion and payroll.

Why does the employees ‘ trust in the employer matter

It seems that if we are happier at work, it helps us to work with pleasure, we even come up with new innovative ideas. At the opposite pole, if there is no trust in the employer, the efficiency and degree of involvement is minimal.

For the Romans, it seems that the most important thing in relation to the organization, the boss and colleagues is transparent in communication.

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What Generation Z thinks – those born after 96

More than 80% of generation Z chooses first place of work considering the family’s looks, and the first place is the mother’s opinion.

For 94% counts primarily the accumulation of knowledge and the possibility to advance advance in career but, surprisingly, it matters much and stability in the workplace.

The future generation Z is expecting respect, but we must be careful when working with the people of this generation to what they understand through respect. For the new generation, respect is focused in the personal area: respect for a hobby they have, for free time, for who they are as people

The message continuously and shouted on all channels is: I want you to care about me!

A personal contract is wanted as the foundation of the employee-employer relationship that translates into: lack of unpleasant surprises, the way of communicating both good and bad news to be one adapted to the personal style of each and necessarily, necessarily Generation Z wants to be taken into account in decisions taken.

I have retained these things told by invitations to this event, which I find intelligent and restrained beyond the corporate, useful and everyday life.



“Authenticity is a display of power.”




“Ledearship means the outward assumption of the inner discourse, that after a serious introspection, after you as leader you know who you are and what your purpose in the world is.”


What do you think, you find yourself in these conclusions?

This post is also available in: roRomână

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