Recital of Nai, poetry and authentic folk music at the Free Beer concert

The free Beer concert, organized on the occasion of the 18th anniversary of the band’s existence, was a pleasant and totally unexpected surprise!

Free beer had him as a guest of honor to master Gheorghe Zamfir, who held a recital of Nai and sang alongside the band their own songs, but also other popular Romanian songs known and loved by the public.

It was a great experience to hear free beer singing Ciuleandra or Ciocarlia or playing cuckoo with Master Gaga Zamfir! The reaction of the public was to the extent, their supply lifted the hall on its feet, and the message with the deeply nationalist connotations that master Gheorghe Zamfir had kept transmitting was well received, although in the Hall were people of all ages.

I’ve seen many people in the room who did live on FaceBook, and for me that was a sign that I was not the only one pleasantly surprised by the band and the guests. Even a mini Hora was heated on the ground floor of the hall during popular melodies. A couple showed gracefully that they could dance bachata and free beer. The band successfully managed to show that it can play any kind of music style with at least as much success as the one they are currently addressing.

Also amid a song from the recital by Master Zamfir, the lead singer of free beer recited the lyrics from Gregory Vieru, which also had a deeply nationalist connotation, urging the hall to save itself „through the language and through the book”:

Have poisoned on the valleys
And the honey gathered in bloom.
He poisoned the barbarian Vazduhul
Why was the spirit poisoned,
Why and tongue?!
Arise, arise, arise-will
From his dying sleep!
Save yourselves, save yourself, save yourself
Through the tongue and through the book!

Among the invitations to the Free beer concert was also Gabriel Cotabitha, which I was very glad to see again on the stage.

It seems that in 2016 it is increasingly conturaza the trend in which a concert has become much more than a mere performance on the stage of the artists in question. The show represents an accumulation of emotions, experiences and experience given by both the performances of the artists who support the concert, but equally the invitations of honor. The momentary improvisation, the involvement of the public in the Artistic act carried forth by the classic „Sing With Me” (the singer of the band shared flowers in the hall, played with a fan), weaving of music with other visual areas-poetry, painting, Fine arts- Contribute
decisive to the success of the event, making the difference between a simple concert and a memorable experience.

Free beer should organize such events more often, last night has shown the fullest that there is public for such an approach!

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