Ludotech – unconventional playground for children

Ludotech – unconventional playground for children

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“We pride ourselves on our clients,”
today I will tell you about Ludotech Or why take your child to an unconventional playground.

I admit I don’t know anything about kids and playgrounds (and I’m really good at it), but I know a lot about unconventional. I draw anything out of the pattern, anything that exhorts this.

About concept and location

Ludotech hosts children aged between 2 and 5 years, 6 years + both a reading room and parent games, dozens of interesting books, and of course, educational resources created by mothers Work at Home Moms.

We wished that when anyone crossed the threshold,
to enter a timeless bubble of tranquility but also of the emotion of knowledge so we have brought, for curiozitățile of all ages, the opportunity to explore new concepts of play and toys, which recontextualizează and put into perspective all the concepts Of the game that we adults have.

The sand crate with augmented reality

This thing sounds interesting even to me. I watched the movie below and it’s fascinating even for adults (not that I consider myself an adult!).

The sand chest with augmented reality demonstrates the basic principles of topography and hydrology, where you can create your own landscapes. Incredibly easy to assemble electrical circuits that allow for more than 100 experiments such as radio, flying disc and light circuits, Magna tiles, magnetic plates with which you will be able to build up to the sky, the Quadrilla system that Release a avalanche of colored balls into mazes built by you and Cubetto, Roboțelul friendly combining the principles of Montessori education with programming.

You can also assemble nesfărșit puzzles with sensory wooden toys, build a city of magnetic parts on a metallic base, animated by a band that creates optical illusions, discover the magic of the mandalas created by Kaleidoscope, explore the educational cards and Play with the mini-cinema where you are directors or with Flux, where the anti-gravity effect is guaranteed.


The centre is open to visitors from Tuesday to Sunday between 12:30 – 19:00 and is to be found at 150 m from the Horoscope hotel in Unirii Square, on the route Serban Voda 22 – 24.

On Sundays organizes creative workshops, from built new roboței from old pieces to împâslite solar systems, theater of Shadows and film projections that will stimulate The potential of small ones to gain courage, to develop beautifully and to dream of helping these stories with defeated fears, friendship and adventure.

What do parents do during this time

If you don’t want to participate with the little ones on discoveries, you can enjoy a ndelete coffee with your friends or work in the parents ‘ lounge area with comfortable sofas and where wi-Fi, coffee, water and fruit are on our side.

How and where to make appointments, what tasks are planned in the near future and what space looks like you can see on their Facebook page Ludotech.

Stay close If you want to know more about our other clients.

Beautiful summer! 🙂

This post is also available in: roRomână

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