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Holidays in Greece

I avoided Greece as a vacation destination all my life, in the idea (preconceived I would say) it is a cheap vacation destination, so the chances of you feeling “among the romanians” are high. However, Greece has somehow become the perfect destination for this summer, when for the...Read More »

5 beautiful things in Lisbon

Lisbon has remained in my heart as a summer torrid day, late afternoon, when the turmoil of life seems silenced and the world has stopped instead.

1. The atmosphere on the streets

Orange. Sun. People’s cheers. Whether we’re talking about the new part of town, where on one...Read More »

We are embarking on Transylvania Train!

On August 31, 2017 we will be two of the Transylvania Train passengers who will embark on the platform of the railway station in Brasov in the sound of fanfare, prepared for an unforgettable adventure in the heart of Transylvania.

Details about this daring project you can...Read More »

Seeking justice in Sinaia

I’m so glad they ended Our travel to Galati And we start a new legal adventure in Sinaia. Sinaia, that sounds good, doesn’t it? A Vacation!

It’s Thursday morning and we’re on our adventure to the Sinaia court....Read More »

Sunday. Galati. Train. Sleep.

It’s three nights (or morning, depending on which part of life you focus, you’re optimistic or pessimistic) and I have one of my classic insomnia. Amateurs ‘ Opinion: The laptop taken to bed, does not help you fall asleep, on the contrary!

Tomorrow (Today), Sunday, I leave for...Read More »

Travel by train to Galati

I took a short walk, a day and a half, in Galati. We chose to go by train because I have a phobia of roads in Romania and I’m not sorry, the experience was special.

Although the road, both in the shower and back, lasted around 5 hours, the...Read More »

Chasing an idyllic image - Nice

Oh, how I wanted to get to the south of France! The idyllic image of a sea-front cottage could not be located until there. And this year in April, my wish has been fulfilled.

Like the whole tourist, before I left for the south of France,...Read More »

How does it feel to be a student in Cardiff at 50 years old

I have written on the blog so many times, I think I bored you to death, about how my biggest desire is to leave Romania. Until a couple of years ago I didn’t have a specific target, I hadn’t seen much of this vast world. One day I...Read More »

Street Food in Dublin

One of the cool things in Dublin are organized ad hoc food markets. You usually run into them in downtown-the area known as Temple Bar-but also in every district (neighborhoods to call them that). We stayed in Ballsbridge, a very nice residential area somewhere in the south of...Read More »

The trip to Dublin - on a low cost airplane

I made my best half, birthday present, a surprise trip to Dublin. He didn’t know where we were going until the moment we got to the airport. That’s where I let him guess at random from the destinations displayed on the departure table. He didn’t hit her on...Read More »

Vacation in Turkey - Gloria Serenity Resort

I don’t have much to brag about this year, which was very poor on trips. Here are some pictures of the seven days I was trully alive this year, because I consider myself this way only when I travel. 7 of 365.



Let me tell you a secret about traveling. About life, actually.

Written by Luiza Daneliuc

In large part it is true, having both the financial possibility and the time and health required to travel is truly a great gift, the kind of three-in-one miricles you don’t get much often in life.

Read More »

Carnival in Notting Hill – between advertising and reality

Since 1966, at each end of August, by Bank Hollyday, in Notting Hill, a select district in London, is organized Notting Hill Carnival – The largest European festival organized on the streets of a city. Somehow bring, at least from the presentation, with the famous Brazilian...Read More »

Brighton – The British Riviera

Because I really wanted to live on my own skin and understand by my own senses what life really means in the UK but not in London, that town that everyone says ”
it is different and it is not compared to the true life of the British...Read More »

A few pictures of paradise - Turkey vacation at Rixos

I didn’t get a good time on a vacation that I went to another one. London is no place to allow you to do anything other than to fall into a total admiration and live the experience without interruption, without the Internet, without the blog.

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Myths about All Inclusive Resorts

-You have nothing to do there for more than 5-7 days, you get tired of lying on the edge of the pool

  • Get fat at least five pounds in five days. Mandatory.
  • -It’s not worth paying so much money just to Indopi and lie in the sun, think about how...Read More »

My Secret Garden in Bari

We have found that when the budget of a holiday is being incurred, a lot of people worry about the cost of transport, specifically the plane. It’s a little different for me. Most of the money goes in the direction of the accommodation. that’swhy.

Read More »

Marbella – after 2 years

On February 13th, 2013 I visited Marbella. Also that day I celebrated two years of relationship and then I fulfilled a dream.

Not because we wanted to do something special we chose February 13 to visit Marbella. It...Read More »


I knew since I first saw it that this book must be read quietly, with all due attention and if I do so will repay me with a piece of its wisdom.

After the first day of walking through Torremolinos, This...Read More »

Barcelona - an experience

Because I’m getting ready for my next trip to Spain this time on the south coast, I remembered my short holiday last year in the capital of Catalonia. It was in February, and I remember how excited I was to finally see Barcelona, a city with an exit...Read More »

Bari, Italy - what an adventure!

It seems we would have found that place under the sun where we can retire, first on vacation, and then, of all and that I hope, will inspire my beautiful scriituri. I do not want to make a list of the pros and cons that...Read More »

Sibiu - the room with a view

I was on the 11th floor. I’ve never been this high before. The hotel has floor-to-ceiling windows and is positioned in such a way that if I lie in bed, I see from above, part of the city.

At night, this view is...Read More »

Photos from Sibiu

I took a walk through the center of Sibiu and surprised some frames in a play with the machine. From the pension where we checked in the first night, I remained in my mind the floral arrangement they had at the gate. So much I liked that I...Read More »

Travel to Romania - Sibiu

The next trip will be in Sibiu. 

I wish that in this 5-day visit to discover the secrets of the Old town and the people who lived then, because only they, people from other times, have knowledge of the significance of the words tradition, respect, social values.

Read More »

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