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5 of my favorite YouTubers

What have I been doing for months here on weekends? Saturday I shoot and I learn about Youtube, edit, lights and generally balesc to other videos wondering how those people manage to have a sound and impeccable image.

If you are looking for people to follow, I...Read More »

10 Educational scholarships for 10 students who want to learn robotics and programming Academy announces the launch of the project “educational scholarships in the field of robotics – 10 for 10”, ed. 3!

The project is aimed mainly at supporting exceptional young people who have completed the school year 2016-2017 with a 10 per line, in order to participate...Read More »

How to turn the likes into money

Florin Grozea organizes on Tuesday, September 27th, 18:00 at the Connect Hub A practical workshop for those in the music and online industry, which they learn how to transform the likes of FB into money.

Specifically, artists and composers, DJs and remixers, stand-up comedy and Vloggeri players...Read More »

How does it feel to be a student in Cardiff at 50 years old

I have written on the blog so many times, I think I bored you to death, about how my biggest desire is to leave Romania. Until a couple of years ago I didn’t have a specific target, I hadn’t seen much of this vast world. One day I...Read More »

Life (doesn't) ends when you become a mother.

My personal opinion is that both women and men today postpone the moment of conceiving a child because of the fact that there are too many cool things to do in the age in which we live, both the job and the free time, things on our own...Read More »

Archery in Bucharest - Citadel archery Club

Beautiful things can also be done in Bucharest.

For who has curiosity or for whom he has no choice, after the grey blocks of Vitan there is a very beautiful place, hidden from the world, an oasis of greens surrounded by concrete-the sport base...Read More »

This post is also available in: roRomână