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Charles Aznavour and recurring bills

Have you ever listened to Charles Aznavour Monday morning while setting up recurring invoices for accounting services and Stabileati list to DO absolutely kilometrica for the month in which it just begins?Well, I tell you it’s sublime! Charles Aznavour has a duet among others and Julio Iglesias and...Read More »

Happy and quiet Easter!

I wish you a lot of health, tranquility and a lot of time spent around your loved ones.

We forget too often that we don’t need anything else! 🙂

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And you say you take a day off

Sometimes I wake up in the morning with a mood not to go to the office, which is maybe the main reason why I didn’t get a job. Most of those who know me think I couldn’t bear to have the boss, but the reality is that now,...Read More »

Happy New Year 2018 and here we go again!

In the characteristic style of the year 2017, in which I opened my Youtube channel, I wish you all in a video, as short as I could. Less than that, I really couldn’t say!

Happy birthday, 2018, and let’s start all over again. 🙂

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Since I started Youtube

Ever since I started Youtube, two great things have happened.

One. I am able to spend hours, days looking at the channels of others of YouTube, I had no affinity for this online environment and I thought that Youtube = music and so. I feel like I’ve lived in...Read More »

Monday, CECCAR, money laundering, Cote d'azur

Hey, yesterday was Monday and ever since night in the head I started at CECCAR, I had some money to give them, and all yesterday, there was also a course with and about money laundering. I know, I always blow my helmet, the course is about preventing money...Read More »

10 demoralizing thing in May

Don’t let anyone think that the accountant’s life is only pink.

demoralizing phase No. 1

We also work with companies in other fields and we recommend each other, when appropriate. One of these collaborators insisted that I take a paper, which I’m not good at doing because it’s...Read More »

Spring. Free flowing Champagne

Someone asks me, and the truth is that I am tormented by the question, that look has been made in March and I have not yet gone on any holiday this year! Do I go wrong or do I go well?

Is that the recipe and...Read More »

Instagram Stories

We live in such a chaotic world and in such a high speed that the photos, the snapshots, fail to truly capture the moments in our lives. We are constantly moving and changing and this aspect can only be played faithfully through a video.

I understand perfectly...Read More »

Let me tell you a secret about traveling. About life, actually.

Written by Luiza Daneliuc

In large part it is true, having both the financial possibility and the time and health required to travel is truly a great gift, the kind of three-in-one miricles you don’t get much often in life.

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Fast living - I'm stealing time

Because I am immensely frustrated by the age in which I was born, who compels me to live with the fast-forward button forever pressed, I decided to become a little fraud and steal the most precious resource (by my head) that we have the people, the time. I...Read More »

This post is also available in: roRomână