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Been to these events and lived to tell the story. 🙂

Food inspiration -food Bloggers Conference Summer Edition 2018

Like I said, Saturday night I was bored at home and I started to change my blog theme. Mine was old from the Paleolithic and WordPress kept warning me to do something about it.

If I’m making a change, I’ve chosen a completely different, visual theme, and what’s right...Read More »

13 Top ideas from Future of Media 2017

The days I spend at conferences represent my attempt to make contact with new ideas, with new people (what’s right, with less people, my favorite sport is to watch them from a distance sipping from a good coffee, necessarily ground on the spot) and especially with New industries.

Read More »

10 Educational scholarships for 10 students who want to learn robotics and programming Academy announces the launch of the project “educational scholarships in the field of robotics – 10 for 10”, ed. 3!

The project is aimed mainly at supporting exceptional young people who have completed the school year 2016-2017 with a 10 per line, in order to participate...Read More »

Study EY Romania 2017-urban generations-how much does it cost our employees ' trust?

Since we moved in with the office near the House, I wake up very early in the morning. I do not know exactly how I managed to achieve such an effect, I would have expected to use the time won as I have always done so far, sleeping. But no!...Read More »

Ludotech - unconventional playground for children

“We pride ourselves on our clients,”
today I will tell you about Ludotech Or why take your child to an unconventional playground.

I admit I don’t know anything about kids and playgrounds (and I’m really good at it), but I know a...Read More »

Food Bloggers-Summer Edition 2017

On June 7, 2017 at JW Marriott Hotel Bucharest a conference was held dedicated to culinary bloggers, but also to active people from the online environment.

This year’s program is announcing interestingly! The first part of the day we will have 3 seminars that will be conducted...Read More »

Urban Garden by Civic Initiative Group Cismigiu

On Saturday, I woke up around 12:00, after a night I mastered at the new site of the firm. I’m not going to tell you that right before it was done, just when I had only about 2-3 pictures, I totally ruined it! “Someone” (meaning undersigned) thought that...Read More »

Book launch - History of Banat

Cultural exit Program for the middle of next week.

The National Museum of Art of Romania and the Timişoara Art Museum invites you on Wednesday, May 24, 17:00, at the presentation and debate on the book-event “History of Banat: Studies on the peculiarities of a region The...Read More »

Contabill - the most modern accounting event

Words cannot express enough how much soul the organizers put in the event that marked 10 years after the establishment of


! Organized in a 5-star pomp setting within the InterContinental Hotel, the event was exclusively...Read More »

The future of accounting in Romania

Accountants, get ready! SmartBill celebrates 10 years of existence and aims to celebrate this event with us.

Therefore, in a 5-star framework, SmartBill invites representatives of accounting firms to socialize and discussions on current topics, including:

-Tax News

-Impact of technology on accounting

-Security in Accounting

-Case studies with...Read More »

Spring. Free flowing Champagne

Someone asks me, and the truth is that I am tormented by the question, that look has been made in March and I have not yet gone on any holiday this year! Do I go wrong or do I go well?

Is that the recipe and...Read More »

Playground Artist, a new concept launched in Romania

I was on Tuesday night at the launch of the Playground Artist concept in Romania, an exhibition of contemporary art, present in Pullman hotels around the world.

until 20 December 2016, the hotel is hosting in the lobby area and in the bar L ‘ Arpege the...Read More »

Recital of Nai, poetry and authentic folk music at the Free Beer concert

The free Beer concert, organized on the occasion of the 18th anniversary of the band’s existence, was a pleasant and totally unexpected surprise!

Free beer had him as a guest of honor to master Gheorghe Zamfir, who held a recital of Nai and sang alongside the band...Read More »

How to turn the likes into money

Florin Grozea organizes on Tuesday, September 27th, 18:00 at the Connect Hub A practical workshop for those in the music and online industry, which they learn how to transform the likes of FB into money.

Specifically, artists and composers, DJs and remixers, stand-up comedy and Vloggeri players...Read More »

Blog as a business

Food Bloggers Conference – Summer Editon has reached many sensitive and important points for any blogger, not just for the food NIST. A conference that, overall, put the issue of very mature blogging, assumed and sent a clear message: The blog is a business, treat it as such...Read More »

UBER in Romania - discount code in the article

Yes, they corrupted me. Yesterday, it was super Mega crazy because of the game, and after I spent an hour and a half trying to get a cab, I accounted for UBER.

I took advantage of the discount code on another blog and I made my account...Read More »

Noblesse Oblige - Fusion Arts

Part of the Romanian Design Week, the Noblesse Palace hosted the Fusion Arts exhibition in which the space was opened to the public for sightseeing.

The building, Historic monument has been fully restored. The palace is spread over 3 levels, basement, ground floor and floor. I longed...Read More »

Jazz Night - Eternal Spring in the garden

Occasion: An ordinary Wednesday night

Location: The Garden

Event: Jazz Night with an eternal Spring theme

We went to test the place and the atmosphere. The weather is spendida, people still bathe in the pool and don’t give signs that they want to leave too...Read More »

Food Bloggers Conference Winter Edition 2015

Usually, about an event I know exactly what I’m going to write from the moment I leave there. Actually, the articles are half-written since the conference. At this conference… nothing! This is what I experienced as a sensory experience, maybe because it was about food, and I have...Read More »

Biz Day - Courage and innovation

Claudiu Pandaru has asked today a question during innovation day at Biz 2015: What has he taken in the market 30,000 people in the last few days?

I thought about what got me out on the street the first few...Read More »

Me at Casa Costa-Foru

I’ve recently moved to the new house, from which I don’t want to go out, not even on Saturdays or Sundays for a walk. However, the event of the Beyond the facades It sounded so unfortunate that I had left my...Read More »

New Year's Eve at the theater

New Year 2015 small

There were years I didn’t know what I was doing for New Year’s Eve, not even on December 31st. Now I’m going through a time when I know what I’m doing for New Year’s Eve since October. This foreseeable period, although very comfortable, has little drawbacks. For example,...Read More »

Enter Olympics charity event for children

There is no childhood without a toy… preferred. My doll was called Pumușica (from Frumuşica). Little Cosmetizată and cared for, I will bring it and I will donate it to the J.O.C. campaign I invite you to join the most beautiful act we can do around Santa Claus...Read More »

Home of Strings Concert

The Home of Strings Association invites you to an extraordinary Concert, an opportunity to celebrate classical music. The organization promotes classical music and young soloists, giving them the chance to assert themselves and build their way to the great scenes.

So, Friday, November 28, at 19:00 at...Read More »


I’ve lived the weeks between the I and II of the election, like any day of my life. Surrounded by skeptics, many “can’t get out Iohannis no matter how much I like to believe in stories,” How cool it would be but you won’t see it. ” In...Read More »

Italian Institute of Culture - Classic Recital

ARganizatia Home of Strings invites you to take part in a show organized by them for the support of young talents, on 24 October 2o14 at 19.30 at the Italian Institute of Culture.

The entrance is free and they are waiting for you dearly!


...Read More »

Sushi and a bit of Zen

My first sushi experience happened in a restaurant that now no longer exists, Mandragora. It was a pretended restaurant, with food from excellent upwards and prices to the extent. Among the “cheapest” dishes in the menu was sushi, the occasion with which I ordered it and I hopelessly...Read More »

Painting opening - A vision of colors

Lately it is full of Bucharest’s high-quality cultural events. Do miracles happen, or do I give a special interest to this, and I notice the obvious as a change, when in fact the situation has always been like this? I can’t be sure.

The fact is that...Read More »

Romanian Language Day

Vacation and summer are on the end, we are preparing for fall, new projects, changes in the tax code and choices of all kinds. As these things all sound so serious, I was very glad when, on the last day of my vacation I received an e-mail that...Read More »

Life (doesn't) ends when you become a mother.

My personal opinion is that both women and men today postpone the moment of conceiving a child because of the fact that there are too many cool things to do in the age in which we live, both the job and the free time, things on our own...Read More »

Vunk on Symphony Music

George Enescu Square-Bucharest Music and Film Festival 2014

These days, my head’s all over the condos. How to Miss Bucharest Music and Film Festival 2014 that takes place between 20-29 June every day in the George Enescu Square....Read More »

How was the accounting workshop for mommies entrepreneurs

Last week, in collaboration with the Work at Home Moms Association we organized as part of their entrepreneurial coaching program for mothers, an accounting workshop .

Mainly we talked about the start-up phase, about the...Read More »

Accounting and tax consultancy for mothers

A few weeks ago I met Elena Galloway, an enthusiastic mother and also the president of the Association Work at Home Moms Romania. We became clients and so I began to know from the tax issues (and not only) of a...Read More »

Magistracy Course - free

The idea seemed very interesting to me. Below, the details for those who want to participate.

You can find out how the training course is organized for admission to organized Magistracy, who are the lecturers and what are the working methods.

For who has curiosity or for whom he has no choice, after the grey blocks of Vitan there is a very beautiful place, hidden from the world, an oasis of greens surrounded by concrete-the sport base...Read More »

How do you prepare for success?

We are so concerned about running after success, we forget to ask what we will do when we get it. Success is not easy to handle, and the hardest thing is to keeping your positions. Anyone can have a lucky breakthrough . But how...Read More »


Director Valentin’s long-film Roxanne had its national premiere last Friday on September 11, 2013 at Cinema Pro. I don’t know how many of you know, but it’s a special feeling to attend the premiere of a movie, where the producer, in this case Ada Solomon, comes onstage and...Read More »

International Exhibition of Starkatz Cats

On the weekends, on 28 and 29 September 2013, in Bucharest at Plaza Romania, starting at 11 o’clock, the International exhibition of Starkatz Catsis conducted. For those not exactly in the theme, Starkatz is not a cat breed, but the name of the exhibition,...Read More »

At TNB you can purchase tickets online

Maybe you knew, maybe not. They can be purchased online since April 1, 2013 (and No, it wasn’t a hoax), but I just woke up when I wanted to buy a ticket to the theater.

The worst part is that tickets are basically...Read More »

The story of the Digital Divas

Photo Credit:

Since the early hours of the Romanian online morning disails are rushing to reach the biggest event for women, which has happened, I don’t think it just happened on a Friday. What better way to...Read More »

Blue Ball

The Blue Ball It is a gala that anyone can attend by purchasing a ticket or sponsorship package. The festive and long-awaited point of the gala is the auction of services and products made available by the blue ball sponsors....Read More »

Sweet Surprise from Springtime

On March 8, Mother’s Day but at the same time women’s Day, the Springtimes gave me a very nice surprise and sent me some delicious walnut tarts.

As nice as they were packed, believe me that the good they were...Read More »


Anybody knew about this thing? I mean, yes, we knew that if we surpassed the borders of Romania, we had a great chance to come across wonderful things that happen in any field we choose to activate, including literature. and suspected that it must have crossed someone’s mind...Read More »

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